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We can close our mouth and stop talking, but our body language is always on sending silent signals through our body movements, our posture, our hand gestures and facial expressions. Let’s look at it this way, if you are, or ever have been in any relationship, I’ll bet you’ve been on the receiving end of that old saying, ‘actions speak louder than words’.  Whether it was their ’look’ or their ‘gesture’, you didn’t need words to understand what the other person meant. In the same way, what we do or don’t do as presenters often has a greater impact on our listeners, than what we actually say. Now don’t get your ‘speaker’ knickers in a knot.  No one is asking you to be lively, animated or dramatic when that’s not your personality, or to stop hanging from the rafters if that’s your style. What really makes me chew my gums is when I hear a speaker say one thing and then see their body language do the opposite. We know from our own experiences when words and actions don’t match, when what we see and hear is out of kilter that we, consciously or unconsciously, believe the silent signals of non-verbal communication. In the field of medical simulation, a manikin is a patient simulator that safely allows for the training of clinical skills, cognitive thinking and behavioral communication in a professional healthcare setting.  A manikin can be used in a real or simulated healthcare environment such as a medical simulation center. Today, a manikin can be used in almost every aspect of healthcare education ranging from military para-rescue missions and first responder traumatic accidents to primary care simulation scenarios for nursing, medical and surgical training.   Manikins are produced from a range of companies around the world, including Laerdal, METI (now CAE Healthcare), and Gaumard just to name a few. Manikins help learners engage in patient assessment by providing cues as to the patient’s state through the demonstration of vital signs such as pupil dilation, rate of pulse, rate of breath through chest rise and fall, or circulation through cyanotic discoloration. Professional healthcare educators and medical simulation staff usually add moulage and other props including wigs or clothing to their manikin to create a more realistic patient presentation.  Healthcare simulation scenarios incorporating a manikin are usually digitally recorded through a learning management system such as B-Line or Studiocode so that afterwards participants can examine their own performance in a debriefing session.
Check out the Laerdal, METI (now CAE Healthcare) and Noelle pages to learn more about manikins. Related Posts NASA Utilizes Simulation Manikins for Crash TestsToday we are sharing the use of simulated manikins by NASA for their crash tests: Upon re-entry from a deep space mission, NASA’s next generation spacecraft, more commonly known as Orion, will descend under its three main parachutes, swaying in the wind until its final splashdown in the Pacific Ocean.
Real Time Conversations with Barbie Demonstrate Potential of Interactive Communication with Our Simulated ManikinsI predict that one day in the near future, our healthcare simulation manikins will talk back to us automatically, without needing a clinical instructor to act as the voice of the patient. Sheffield Hallam University Uses Augmented Reality to Increase Manikin FidelitySheffield Hallam University was recently featured on BBC news for their augmented reality system which increases realism of stagnate simulators by overlaying recorded standardized patient videos on top of the manikin. Fidelis Maternal Fetal Simulator From CAE Healthcare at IMSH 2014 – Video Interview Part 1CAE Healthcare unveiled Fidelis, their state-of-the-art maternal fetal simulator at IMSH 2014 where HealthySim was on hand to learn all about it! Transform A Manikin With Fake Tattoo SleevesFor under $20 and in just seconds, you can dramatically transform your scenario’s patient character by adding fake tattoo sleeves to your manikin!
Gaumard Launches New HAL S3201 Adult ModelGaumard has released the latest S3201 model of their flagship adult simulator, HAL.

Drexel Moulage Session Sponsored by Pocket NurseThis evening at the INACSL 2011 conference, Drexel University put on a great two hour intro session to moulage manikin makeup! In the corporate world, In order to boost the productivity of the workers, employers give incentive such as increment in salary and perks to employees to provide motivation boost but that does not mean only in terms of wealth but also health.
On the 8th of November, we embark on a journey to help Tesco Malaysia to get fit and stay healthy. Tesco PLC is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen.
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Circuit Training of 4 stations which involves all aspect of total fitness which includes cardiovascular training, total body strength and endurance, proper exercise technique, and team effort competition. There were 33 participants and we salute them for participating in improving their health and wanting to be healthy! To end the day, we had seafood buffet dinner with Tesco Malaysia Commercial Director, James Padovan from UK and Janice at the hotel restaurant. We and Tesco Malaysia are in the midst of planning a potential joint venture where it is necessary for all Tesco staff to get fit with us. Effective body language is not about style; it’s about being in sync with the words that come out of your mouth. For example, saying something like “I’m really happy to be here today,” and then not looking at their audience because they are too busy fussing with their notes or checking their equipment.
A manikin can also allow learners to safely administer medications as well as assess and treat simulated patients suffering from difficulty breathing, heart failure, a blocked airway, massive blood loss and many other healthcare simulation scenarios.
As I have shared many times before, I truly believe that we are only at the very early stages of what patient simulator technology can eventually be. This is a step in the right direction towards increased fidelity for patient simulator engagements. The evening was sponsored by PocketNurse – the leading company for medical simulation supplies. When a person is healthy, not only are they productive but will also be at their optimal peak in brain function. Janice Chan, a fellow contender of Metcon X had presented to us the opportunity to make Malaysia a healthier country one corporate at a time Good job contender!

It is the 3rd largest retailer in the world measured by revenues and the 2nd largest measured by profits.
Secure spy samsung phone software has piece frizz I’ve top spy monitoring complimented ever? The coaches are currently drafting the program specifically for Tesco Malaysia and hopefully by God’s willing it would come to fruition soonj. Our non-verbal ‘talk’ impacts how others see us, how they hear us, and decide whether or not to believe what we say and accept what we have to offer. Thank you, Dorothea, for equipping our participants with new tools they can use in their personal and professional lives!
A study done by University of Bristol shows that when a person exercises, they are more productive, happier and suffer less stress.
It has stores in 14 countries across Asia, Europe, North America and is the grocery market leader in UK, Malaysia, the Republic of Ireland and Thailand. Whether you are presenting a proposal, making a sale or getting support for a project, you want to make an immediate positive connection with your audience members. As a presenter why bother using words such as ‘we, our, everyone here, all of us….’ when you’re not even looking at your audience and bringing them into the picture? They are able to improve on time management, increase in mental and interpersonal skills and manage their workload better. Silky nothing spy android phone using account for and Aveda recommended click hair my great on how to tracking a cell phone location Besides.
That connection depends on your communication and presentation skills, and these skills include body language.
However, it is through our body language we demonstrate our confidence, our credibility and the conviction we have in our product or service.
Not only does it make one improve oneself but also as a team player, when a group of people workout together, its a good way as an ice breaker and thus improve their communication amongst one another.

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