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Check Your Tone Of Voice!Posted on June 10, 2015 by Bay Area Relationship Center • 0 CommentsAre you using good communication skills, but finding that things are not getting better in your relationship? Many people have a tendency to hear the negativity in their partner’s tone of voice, but not notice their own negative tone. As we are coaching couples on using these tools, one of the most common places we need to intervene is around tone of voice.
You can take a perfectly wonderful communication tool and ruin it by adding a negative tone of voice. Filed Under: Couples Communication, Relationships← What Happens In The First Session of Couples Therapy?Do You Have to Love Yourself To Have A Good Relationship? The Johari Window is a useful tool for helping you build self-awareness and gain an understanding of how others perceive you.
The model is divided into 4 quadrants that represent your self-awareness and awareness from others. If you are living with purpose and striving to reach your goals, where do you want to be in the Johari Window?
Where would you say you mostly play within each of the four quadrants of the Johari Window?
Free Access to Your ToolkitEnter your name and email to access a suite of tools, templates, exercises and guides to help you get clear, get motivated and get started with your better life today. About Brendan BakerBrendan Baker is Australia's leading personal development blogger and and helps people build and grow online businesses based on their passions. I only want anybody with the knowledge to help me understand importance of johari’s window in interpersonal communication by use of illustrations.
Quick question from a young school kid: If I wanted to use the Johari Window in a powerpoint presentation at school, would I have to reference it? It’s always best to reference your sources, particularly if you are using images or taking ideas or concepts from someones work.
So if you were to use the image for example or any of the ideas I present here, you could reference this post. I hope will keep reading your excellent posts , and for sure will try to follow you in social media. Do you find it difficult to speak up in meetings, make requests of other people, or stand up for your ideas? Fletcher, Fletcher Consulting, has nearly a decade of experience in business development and marketing consultancy.
Sometimes when a person is recounting an argument, they will imitate their partner having a negative tone of voice, and attribute a calm and rational tone to their own voice. Some of those tools include how to bring up difficult issues without blame, how to avoid defensiveness, how to compromise on difficult conflicts, and how to listen more deeply to each other. If you are working with others on a regular basis, the Johari Window is particularly good for helping you build your awareness and relationships with those in the group. You are open about your thoughts and feelings,  you are aware of your behaviours and have an understanding of your skills can capabilities. There may be some things that you know or are thinking in your head, or you may feel a particular way, however you decide to conceal this information and not share it with others.

There may be behaviours that you are exhibiting or things that you are communicating that are affecting others in a particular way. There may be things about yourself that you do not know, such as your own skills and abilities, even your own thoughts and feelings. This is where you are potentially hiding or concealing thoughts or feelings or any other information that is unknown to others. People with low self-belief or that are inexperienced may fall into this quadrant. You may not know what your skills and capabilities are, and others may not have had any opportunity to witness any of these. We are all open and honest and aware of our skillsets and abilities, however we all hold back information from others as well. Build your self-awareness by testing yourself in new situations and surrounding yourself with others who are able to provide insights to you.
Fletcher taught Assertive and Confident Communication at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Or do you tend to push your own ideas too hard, tell people to just do it, or discount the opinions of others? She has presented 100 workshops, panels, and classes on marketing, communication, and customer service.
Others that you are interacting with are aligned and understand your thoughts and feelings that you are communicating, either verbally or non-verbally. You may know that you have certain skills or abilities, but choose to not show this to others. You may be unaware or perceive yourself as not having the ability to perform in a certain situation. The more open and honest you are in your thoughts and feelings, your communications and your behaviours, the more that those around you will have a clear understanding around what it is that you value, what you are trying to achieve and therefore will actually have the ability to help you reach where it is that you want to go. Now, there’s nothing wrong with concealing information and holding private thoughts and feelings to yourself.
This is the area that you really need to minimise to ensure you are self-aware around your behaviours and impact on others, and to ensure you can perform at your highest ability.
Self-limiting beliefs or feelings or attitudes that hold you back can prevent you from discovering certain things about yourself. The more than others know about you the better they are able to assist you in reaching your goals. This half-day session is designed to help participants portray a more confident image by understanding and balancing their communication style.
Fletcher’s business, community, and personal growth strategies have benefited individuals, nonprofits, public and private businesses, chambers of commerce, and higher education. Using the Johari Window will help improve your communications with others, enhance your relationship skills, develop your metacognitive ability and most importantly, give you more clarity around who you are and how your representing yourself to the world. They also have visibility and awareness around your skills and capabilities or other knowledge or information.
Those around you do not know what you are experiencing in terms of thoughts and feelings, and may not know or your capabilities.
However, those that you are interacting with can see exactly how you feel or know from your behaviour or prior experience that you do have skills and abilities to perform in a particular situation.

When you’re playing in the Arena, you are completely aware of your skills and abilities and you will become more effective and productive as your interactions and communications with those around you.
However, for someone to be able to help you in a certain situation, they will need to know where you currently stand and what your thoughts, feelings or knowledge is on the subject.
People react to things differently and people have different perspectives, even when experiencing the same situation. Enhance your communication skills and build more productive working relationships for yourself and your organization. Fletcher is an adjunct instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, has partnered with the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Small Business Development Center, and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce in 2012.
The Arena is the playing field where trust and relationships are established and cooperation is at its highest. The more you can be open and honest and reveal certain things about yourself, the more that others will be able to gain an insight into who you are and how you operate. On many occasions, and individual that spends time in this area may need to break out of their comfort zone to start entering one of the other quadrants.
We don’t know everything, and others that are more experienced can help us with our blindspots. Fletcher has been called upon to teach at the National Association of Tax Professionals, Georgia Pacific, and the American Counseling Association of Missouri.
What about your skills and abilities, or your attitude or behaviours? Is what you think about yourself and your behaviours the same as how others see you and your behaviours?
By doing this, you will build trust, enhance your relationships and when it comes to pursuing your goals, those around you will be able to start helping you get there! How do you find out something about yourself when you don’t know what you need to find out? Trying new experiences and testing your limits can help you discover more about yourself and your skills and abilities. I hope so, but so often is the case, what you think about yourself can be completely different to how others perceive you! The more you can reveal about yourself, the more you will expand yourself into the Arena and start enhancing your relationships, communicate more effectively and perform at higher levels.
Working closely and building relationships with others may help them identify certain traits that they can point out for you. Similarly when it comes to skillsets and capability, the more you can openly share and reveal around these, the more that others will have an awareness of where they can help you through coaching, mentoring, teaching or providing support or guidance.
Similar to the blind spot, seeking feedback can help you identify certain traits and build your self-awareness. Feedback is essential for building your self-awareness and can help you learn and discover how to communicate or perform in a more effective and productive way. When it comes to skill and ability, asking for feedback is essential for learning and development and helping you make your way into the Arena where you can be more effective at pursuing your goals.

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