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The University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication was originally established in 1912 as the university’s department of journalism. Today, the school is housed in Allen Hall on the university’s main campus and is one of only 112 schools of journalism to receive accreditation from the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. Students of the School of Journalism and Communication produce Flux magazine, which has been the recipient of a number of awards.
Even on the highly respected UO campus the school stands out; 10 of the 11 Pulitzer Prize winners who were alumni of the University of Oregon are School of Journalism and Communication graduates. The School of Journalism and Communication takes a liberal arts approach to the teaching of communication and journalism, grounding students in a well-rounded base education that allows students to choose from a number of majors in the fields of journalism or communication. The school offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in journalism, communication studies, public relations and advertising. The School of Journalism and Communication is one of eight schools that make up the University of Oregon (OU), a public university with a main campus located in Eugene, Oregon.
The school’s colors are green and yellow, and its athletic teams are known as the Oregon Ducks. The school boasts 18 varsity sports teams and is a member of NCAA Division I and the Pacific-12 Conference.
Eugene, Oregon, site of the OU main campus, is located within close proximity to the Willamette River, the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. OU is home to the Oregon Experiment, a pioneering approach to campus planning which allows campus layout to evolve gradually and naturally with strong input from students, faculty and others who use the campus. National Lampoon’s Animal House was shot on and around campus and features Greek houses and university buildings as the settings for Delta House and other locations.
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Okay, so maybe this is a more aggressive approach than we would ever advise, but you have to admit the way Drake calls out Meek Mill for riding the coattails of his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, is kind of funny. Heather is a freelance writer and a magazine journalism student at the University of Missouri.
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It was restructured to form the School of Journalism a few years later in 1916, becoming the first professional journalism school in the American Northwest.
The School of Journalism and Communication also operates the George S Turnbull Portland Center in Portland, Oregon. Other student-run media include the Oregon Daily Emerald, the Oregon Commentator, and another magazine, Ethos.
In keeping with the school’s stated emphasis on ethics, social responsibility, and the public interest, it is the presenter of the Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism. Award winning journalists, celebrated communicators, bestselling authors and renowned academics comprise the faculty of the school, and faculty members are encouraged to design programs to meet the needs and interests of students.
Students have the chance to learn from a different guest speaker almost daily and can take advantage of internships to enhance their resumes and increase their knowledge and understanding of the field. Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees are available in Communication and Society, Literary Nonfiction, Journalism, Strategic Communication and Multimedia Journalism. Other movies have been filmed at OU through the years, starting with “Abe Lincoln in Illinois” in 1940 and including the critically acclaimed Stand By Me in 1986.Be Sociable, Share! We have used them for large and small jobs and their professionalism, responsiveness and courteous service always comes through job after job. The scaffolding and temporary stairs was set up in a professional and safe manner, your pricing is consistent with the local rates, and your immediate attention was really appreciated. That’s why a critical part of every rental consultation is a comprehensive review by a trained Rolls Scaffold representative of the scaffolding accessories needed to complete the project safely.

Avoid saying something—or sending a strongly worded email—that you’ll regret later by ending the convo here and now. When she's not scribbling out ideas for her next story in her trusty Moleskine, you'll most likely find her leafing through magazines in a local coffee shop.
In addition, two radio stations are broadcast from campus: KWAX, which features classical music, and KWVA, which serves as a campus radio station.
Doctoral programs include a Doctor of Philosophy Program in Communication and Society, as well as a concurrent Juris Doctorate and Master of Arts or Master of Science degree in Communication and Society. Disney founder Walt Disney gave OU verbal authorization to use Donald Duck’s likeness during his lifetime, and despite legal challenges from his successors at the studio, Donald is still the mascot today.
Although the school is best known for its track and field team, one of America’s oldest college football rivalries has existed between OU and Oregon State University since 1894. For example, acapella singing takes place every Friday evening in the area around the student union.
By law, scaffolding rental must include all OSHA-required safety equipment and accessories. Ask them to tell you what you did wrong—maybe you can work together to make the situation better for everyone. She loves chai lattes, graphic design, and exploring whatever city she's currently calling home. Referred to as the Civil War, the rivalry is temporarily settled each year during the final game of the season. Eight residence halls ensure students have the option of living on campus, and a new hall that is still under construction reflects the university’s desire to increase enrollment over the next few years. In addition, other accessories may be highly recommended due to the unique needs of your project.

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