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HR works enabled us to identify critical talent and enabled us in getting our succession plans for the organization. Leo Surface Coatings Ltd underwent a major business transformation, starting with a review of business strategy and how best to align the organization. During my career I have spent 4 years working in small organisations and over 15 years working in medium and large ones. I’ve witnessed seasoned managers working in tough businesses shy away from giving their staff negative feedback. There are many reasons why some leaders make decisions and act in ways that disengage their staff. Nothing will make your staff withdraw their discretionary effort faster than if their hard work is not recognised. Leaders often get to the positions they do because they are outgoing, appear confident and make decisions quickly.
In the book True north: Discover your authentic leadership, Bill George says that this can become a big stumbling block in a rising leader’s journey. In their shoes: As a child, how did you feel when your parents told you what to do, didn’t listen to your opinions, or thought you weren’t capable of making decisions on your own?
When managers climb up through the ranks they sometimes forget how much work it takes to make the day-to-day business run smoothly and to deliver projects. Hopefully this has given you some ideas for how you can see things from your employees’ points of view. Following are some situations that best practice employee engagement research has found leads to disengagement.
There is no compelling mission that your people can get excited about – the company’s vision is pedestrian, uncreative and uninspiring.
Playing ‘secret squirrels’ – there’s no transparency about what’s happening in the organisation.
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Personal Skills Audit ExamplePERSONAL SKILLS AUDIT EXAMPLE Subjecta self assessment audit a document created by an individual .
Human Capital: #Skill sets, #knowledge and experience of human resource put to effective use to increase productivity. The much pondered subject in recent times in big corporate organizations is about managing human capital .Human capital is a collective term comprising knowledge,experience,expertise and skills of human resource that comes as a package. The human resource department is accountable for #man power planning, #recruitment and selection, #training and development, framing suitable policies and procedures concerning #compensation, #communication and evaluation or appraisal. The critical factor that makes a difference in most of the organizations revolves around the relationship between the union and management.
Business firms show genuine concern for the development of their workforce by creating an informal atmosphere assisting free flow of communication. To improve the inter-personal relationship between the superior and subordinate and between co-workers.

Employ human capital as a strategic measure to out smart your rivals or competitors by providing them with the right kind of training and hone their attitude to achieve the #objectives of the organization.
In that time I have worked specifically in the area of employee engagement – best practice research, staff surveying and team development. I’ve also seen highly intelligent managers with under-performing teams because they haven’t been able to get the people side right. One is simply that they don’t put themselves in their people’s shoes and think about their actions from their point of view.
Why would they continue to give so much of themselves in terms of time and effort when they don’t believe you value it? As a team member they would have been praised for having the right answers and putting themselves forward as an individual. He says that whether or not they learn the lesson can make the difference between them becoming exceptional leaders or stagnating and disengaging all those around them.
They don’t always see the long hours staff put in to do a good job, they think that it all ‘just happens’. When managers are not clear communicators or keep changing their minds about what they want, employees can become focused on surviving instead of on how they can help their company succeed. Your people are always wondering what’s going on and only hear about changes affecting them right before the change takes place.
The term capital indicates the resource value of humans in which organizations invest their #time, energy and money.
Organizations are more than ready to invest their time, #energy and money to augment their personnel potential, as time and again it has been proved to be the wisest investment in terms of #risk and return. The personnel department has to be in line with the industry standards in terms of pay, welfare and security measures and rewards. The top level should be considerate enough in listening to the grievances of the work force and finding suitable measures to solve the problems right away. It is but natural that corporate organizations expect a lot in return for the time and money invested in human resource in the form of training and development. An open door policy followed by the superiors is also a welcome gesture that will reinforce the roots of #superior-subordinate relationship.
Leaders commonly think that this is ‘the fluffy side’ of the business, the stuff that stops them from getting to their real jobs. The business world is full of smart people – being intelligent is not going to distinguish you from your competition. So following are a few scenarios of leader actions that are known to disengage staff and suggestions for how leaders can step out of the situation, become what the Buddhists call The Observer or The Witness, and see how their staff could perceive their actions. But your partner doesn’t acknowledge your efforts, doesn’t even notice, and at the end of the year tells you that you didn’t do enough. When we don’t relax, our bodies cannot physically heal and our minds can no longer see what’s important and what’s not, cannot process efficiently. The next day there is a no right turn sign where you used to turn right, so again you find another way. The Buddhist technique of becoming The Witness involves seeing yourself as though you were floating above yourself looking down on a situation.

The best thing you can do to increase your team’s engagement is to invest in your own personal development to raise your self-awareness.
Human resource is undoubtedly an invaluable #asset whose absolute empowerment proves to be constructive for the organization. Total quality management (TQM) is possible only when employee participation is accepted and approved of.
The point is, functional areas are formed only for the purpose of understanding and analysis and the ideal fact is that there is no such demarcation and all the functional areas have to work in tandem to create a holistic effort that has a direct influence on the #growth of an organization. IQ will only get you so far, then you need EQ, or emotional intelligence, made popular by psychologist Dr Daniel Goleman. If you are a leader, this will give you another data point to help you decide whether your actions are the best ones for your business. A manager’s job is to develop their people so they reach their full potential, to act as ‘we’ not ‘I’. On the other hand, when they acknowledged what I said and asked me questions that helped me make better decisions I felt valued and more likely to go along with them rather than fight against them. You can then watch your own and others’ behaviours in a detached manner, giving you new insights. In countries like Japan, Quality Circles are formed by the work group to review #bottleneck situations and thrash them out in no time. This can’t happen if you are the one coming up with all the solutions, not taking their opinions into account and telling your people what to do. The management should aim to reduce employee turnover, absenteeism and attrition to economise the cost of production, creating a tactical advantage for the company in the long run. Not only do you limit their growth and therefore your team’s success but you disengage them. I’m not at all saying that you should treat your team members like children – that would be a sure fire way to disengage them!
For great advice on how to create psychological safety in relationships read Crucial conversations: Tools for talking when stakes are high by Kerry Patterson et. The next day another street is blocked off and you find that the original street is no longer blocked. Highly satisfied and motivated #workforce is a result of well-organized and competent personnel system. Give development opportunities to your high performers and those you see are going above and beyond. Skills months of your personal strengthscomplete this skills strengthscomplete thisTemplate for testing yourpersonal development.

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