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Good listening skills are crucial not only for academic success, but for social interaction, too. We have all been guilty at one time or another of not listening, or pretending to listen when someone is talking to us. Usage of them is covered by Creative Commons “Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives” License. By sharpening their receptive language skills, kids can prevent misunderstandings, get clear information, and maximize time.
The reasons are varied, from lack of interest to not wanting to hear the other person’s opinion.
Use ConceptDraw MINDMAP for creative thinking, planning, organization, problem solving, critical thinking, presentations, decision making, notes taking, team brainstorming and other tasks.
Deborah Ashbrook-Sanchez as our new, full-time music teacher, beginning in the fall of 2012.
Sanchez spent more than 20 years building a top-notch integrated, differentiated music program at Pulaski Fine Arts School (now known as Pulaski International School) in the Bucktown neighborhood.

Sanchez earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and her Master’s degree in School Administration, both from Northeastern Illinois University. This can range to jotting down a phone number or a couple sets of instructions to taking lengthy notes during a lecture. Make sure you are facing the speaker, maintaining eye contact, and focusing your attention. Look for phrases that signal a natural stopping point, such as “in closing,” “that’s all,” or “we’re done.” Resist the urge to stop attending before you’re sure that all of the information has been given. Isolate the key parts, and make sure you write them down somewhere that you can access later. But if we only take the time to listen, we could actually learn something or at the very least, hear another point of view before making decisions. Sanchez joins the Ravenswood fine arts faculty as an experienced teacher who is highly trained in the arts integration philosophy employed at Ravenswood School. Sanchez maximized resources to expand the music program beyond the confines of a typical school budget—skills and resourcefulness that will, no doubt, transfer very well to Ravenswood School.

Don’t fiddle with your materials, clothes, or other distracting items; you may miss important points, and you are likely to send the message that you aren’t listening. Steer clear of off-topic remarks; they signal disinterest or an attempt to change the subject at an     unsuitable time. If you’re unsure, try reframing the content of the communication back to the speaker for verification. Knowing the purpose of the communication helps you know what cues to listen for, and helps you determine which parts of the communication are most important to remember. Proper questioning helps you make sure you have the information correct, and       reinforces to the speaker that they’ve been successful at getting their message across.
Likewise, use cues about the speaker’s body language to gauge things like mood and content importance.

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