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Signing Naturally Units 7–12 is the second book in the series of curricular materials for the instruction of American Sign Language (ASL) as a second language. Students build on the basics, expanding their understanding of ASL and the cultural aspects of the Deaf community.
Teachers who have used Signing Naturally Units 1-6, will find this book provides excellent materials to further the instruction of ASL with their students.
First, check the left side of the DVD, if you see V3, you have the updated DVD and do not need any of the additional files below. The goal is to provide students with the skills to communicate in a wider array of situations, to further develop their language fluency and to advance their level of comprehension of ASL in culturally appropriate ways.Meaningful and appropriate communication is reflected in the design of the Signing Naturally curriculum.

If you see V2, please select the "Teacher DVD Materials" tab,  download each file and replace the ones you have saved onto your computer.
The functional lessons introduce vocabulary and key grammar structures through the use of key dialogues or narratives.
Skill building lessons focus on practicing detailed language features that support students’ general ASL production, such as various number types, expanded fingerspelling practice, space and semantic use of agreement or spatial verbs, use of negation signs. The comprehension lessons use stories to expand students’ skills to process and figure meanings from larger chunks of signed information.
The culture lessons focus on behaviors and knowledge that enable students to act in appropriate linguistic and social ways, and to gain more cultural insight on the Deaf community.

Unit 12 comprises 10 lessons covering different essential language elements to tell stories successfully.

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