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One of the most important Skillsets that one can possess in today's Global Economy is the Knowledge of Excellent Oral and Written Communication Skills in English. This knowledge is important since countries are becoming globally integrated and coupled with each other at all levels - cultural, social and trade and business.

Since English is the Universal Language of Global Business, it natural that it has assumed great importance for the Software industry. Spoken & Written English is the universal bridge for the understanding of Business Requirements and Creation Of Technical software requirements.
These techniques have been used to easily use knowledge of Simple Written and Spoken English to map & translate Business Requirements to Software Construction as well as capture business knowledge in different domains using standard Business Process templates. Kaytek® website display optimised for 800 X 600 Pixels Screen Resolution and Browsers compatible with Microsoft MS IE Internet Explorer Version 6.0 and above. DG's vision is to provide credible solutions in talent transformation to individuals and organizations . Besides helping easily communicate with others, Key Learnings and Concepts in the technical areas of Software Design and Development assume good knowledge of English. Our mission is to impart the best training to cater to all your corporate soft skill needs .

We help you craft winning essays , recommendations and statement of purpose for study abroad. With an excellent track record, we take pride in working closely with organizations that aspire to excel in every area of their business, thus helping them to be real champions in today’s highly competitive world.
We offer guidance and training courses for Study Skills, Self Motivation, Personality Development, Time & Stress Management, Group Discussions, Cracking Job Interviews, Corporate Fitness, Personal Coaching for competitions in Elocution, Debates, Personality Contest in Mumbai India.

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