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Ensuring that all communication from the university has the same visual identity quickly makes it clear to the recipient that the university is the sender. The building blocks that form the foundation of the university's visual identity are its logo, fonts, colour profile and the Northern Lights profile element. To make things easier for you in your communications, there are ready-made templates available to download.
The logo was originally designed by the silversmith Sigurd Persson in the 1960s and the various elements symbolise UmeA? and northern Sweden. Gotham Book and Gotham Bold are used in printed communications and to some extent on the web. Publico is used in printed communications, mainly in body text because it is easy to read in small sizes. UmeA? University has a colour palette inspired by all the different shades of the Northern Lights. We also have complementary colours, which are used to enhance details, particularly in editorial communication, such as Aktum and the Course Directory. Sir I am a student of Mahatma Gandhi University BCom Off Campus Part-I and I am looking for my April 2011 examination results so please can you give me the date of my result and provide me the page where can I download the results? Sir I am a student of Mahatma Gandhi University BCom Off Campus Part-I and II .I am looking for my April 2013 examination results so please can you give me the date of my result and provide me the page where can I download the results?
University Grammar of English is a shorter version of A Grammar of Contemporary English on which the authors worked in collaboration with Geoffrey Leech and Jan Svartvik.

Mahatma Gandhi University MA English 2nd Sem Supplementary Exam Results 2011 is expected to be declared in the 3rd week of February 2012. A visual identity standardises the appearance of the universitya€™s communication, thus providing greater impact and saving both time and money. By using these, you will help to create a clear and standardised image of UmeA? University. The building represents a characteristic VA¤sterbotten barn and the reindeer can be found on the coat of arms of the City of UmeA?.
The colours cover all our requirements and they can express everything from security to innovation and dynamic energy.
Last year the Results were declared on 14th February 2011 for the exams that were held in the year 2010, so this year also the Results are expected to be declared on the same date. If you cannot find the template you need or if you have other questions regarding the use of our visual identity, please contact Print & Media. The default size of the logo is 20 mm in diameter (A?), and it must never be less than 15 mm. The symbol was originally created as a piece of jewellery: the Vice-Chancellor's chain worn on ceremonial occasions. The text is added immediately to the right of the logo in either Gotham Bold font or Verdana Bold font.
Please kindly issue our results as soon as possible as we will have to discontinue from the institutes if we fail to submit the certificates within 2 weeks.

Contact Print & Media for further recommendations on how to construct sender information. In our Office templates, we use the standard font that most closely resembles our communication fonts: Verdana in headings and Georgia in longer texts. The university enrolls thousands of students every year to its graduate, post graduate and doctorate programs. It has been accredited with B+ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The university has more than 180 affiliated colleges spread over five districts in Central Kerala. It has tied up with several national and international institutions of repute, and taken up research projects. School of Chemical Sciences has developed several new technologies indigenously, earning it several US and Indian patents.

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