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Last year, I assigned homework M-R and it was usually a sheet of language arts and a sheet of math. My students choose four questions each week, they can't repeat questions, to answer on the recording page each week. My partner teacher teaching math and gives some type of math homework nightly, Monday-Thursday. Having compared and discussed the features of a few celebrity interview articles from a range of magazines, learners choose a celebrity (or star) who they would like to interview. The overall goal of Boyd County's writing and communication program is to ensure that all students, across all grades and within all content areas, develop 21st century communication skills that will serve them in real-life situations. Demonstrator 2: An aligned and rigorous curriculum provides access to common academic core for all students as defined by state standards.

Demonstrator 1: Teachers use multiple formative and summative assessment processes to inform, guide, develop, and revise instructional strategies and curriculum to enhance student learning and achievement. Demonstrator 2: Teachers communicate consistently high expectations and use common standards for student learning in writing. Demonstrator 1: Professional development opportunities are planned with teacher learning needs in mind and in response to data available about teacher practice and student learning. Demonstrator 2: Teachers participate in writing specific professional development designed to meet their needs. They then use their knowledge and research skills to collate information about the star and generate questions for an interview, which can later be improvised as a role-playing exchange exercise between learners. Student work will include oral and written communication, multi-media communication, and communication through technology.

I have several students who rarely make an effort to turn it in and their parents do not seem to worry. I knew that in order to get all my Daily Five rotations in each day, I had to make a change in my homework routine.
Most of my kids LOVE reading so it's not uncommon to see reading log minutes in excess of one hundred or two hundred minutes.

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