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In order to listen effectively we are obliged to concentrate on what the other person has to say.
A person who feels the need to talk will always be concentrating on what they need to say next and miss potentially valuable information. External distractions from personal life (fears, uncertainty, anxiety, financial problems etc) can disrupt your attention. In some cases it is difficult to listen attentively when the other party is not expressing themselves clearly.
Paraphrasing takes place when someone repeats something written or spoken using different words, or in a simpler and shorter form that makes the original meaning clearer. Paraphrasing what the other party has said shows that you have listened and understood to the point that you can articulate this back to the other person. If you are uncertain about something that has just been said it is perfectly acceptable to seek clarification by asking for a repetition. Would it be possible for you to repeat that last segment so I can fully understand your point?
In a selling situation a good way of building rapport is to actively listen to what the other party has to say. After people check-in at a clinic, they wait in the waiting room until their names are called. Copyrights to the pictures and photos on this ESL and EL Civics website belong to individual photographers.
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Early in life we were taught to listen and learn at school but still many of us in our fast paced life have not mastered this concept.
This is extremely difficult because we are also taught that we should have the right to express our own opinions and are often so focused on the message that we want to convey that we totally miss the other persons point.
In this situation you will need to double your concentration levels to ensure that the little voice inside us all does not compete for the voice that we should be listening to.
A great way to demonstrate to the other party that you are listening effectively is to paraphrase what you have just heard.
It also has the added advantage of being able to check your level of understanding and therefore minimising any potential misunderstandings later in the discussion.
If what you have to say is important your brain will remind you at some stage in the dialogue and your chance to speak will come.

This should build trust and empathy and demonstrate that you have good listening and communication skills. Only when you have fully understood what the other party is saying can you look to build an offer that will match their communicated needs. Too many sales people spend too much time talking and not enough time listening and this is crucial, particularly in my experience of export sales where linguistic and cultural issues also come into play and should also be appreciated and considered. This year, our IT infrastructure and resources has managed to increase its availability and speed.
Swipe your finger across the screen to slash them!EMPLOYEE INCIDENT REPORT TEMPLATE FREEIncident report form report form report form is ppt files ebooks. Once you have prejudged a situation you put up barriers and filters to stop any information reaching you that you have already discounted. Attempt to remove all your barriers and filters so that when you are listening you are getting the raw data for you to process. Listening is a vital component of communication: what is the key message that the other party is trying to communicate? Worse still your prejudgement may actually be unwarranted and you have therefore missed an opportunity to build a rapport and empathy with the other party and learn something new.

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