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Want better patient outcomes, more patient cooperation, fewer errors, greater job satisfaction and more effective use of your time? One major obstacle to effective communication is the vast gap between the healthcare world and that of the average patient.
Nearly half of all Americans have trouble understanding and using health information, according to a 2004 report by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

Conversation can also falter when patients are suffering from emotionally charged medical problems such as abuse, urinary stress incontinence or pelvic floor pain, says Anne Harrison, PT, PhD, associate professor of physical therapy at the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences.
Because communication is so vital to successful patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction, many healthcare providers are honing their skills to avoid communication glitches.
Patients with limited health literacy are hospitalized more often and use emergency services more frequently, which can lead to billions of dollars in avoidable healthcare costs.

Terry Stein, director of clinician-patient communication for The Permanente Medical Group, a Kaiser Permanente branch.

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