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So if you’re still a student in college and can rush,  take advantage of this opportunity as if  was an internship. Public Speaking – Being president and standing in front of 75 girls on a weekly basis took away every nerve I had about public speaking.
Not only does it provide you with all of the above, but it looks strong on your resume  and  supplies you with a network of sisters for life. I 100% agree with your additions to the top three…plus having a regional leadership position must be awesome. Without my experience in a sorority I would never have learned that I can lead, delegate, and be an effective speaker. As you’ll be spending most of your time talking to your clients, exceptional communication skills is something that you cannot do without.
As an entertainer at a high end club, you’re in contact with a lot of stressed out business execs who are trying to escape.
Having great pole dancing skills will benefit you in one stage clubs, but what if you work at a club with multiple stages.

I learned so much from my experience as a collegiate member, and even more through the regional leadership positions I’ve held as an alumna. Having an executive position also taught me how to crisis manage over 100 girls … invaluable skill. I’m currently in a sorority and plan on running for PR chair next year in order to gain extra experience!
I’m currently the PR person for my sorority and I’m wondering, do you have any tips for me??
Featuring 150 everyday objects, the game promotes vocabulary development using key questions such as 'What can you do with it?" and 'What goes with it?" Playing this unique bingo game helps students improve their communication skills as they identify and explain the uses of common objects.
You must know how to listen actively to your clients and you must know how to effectively communicate your ideas. The customers are there to relax, and for some that means complaining about work, their wives, their kids, and their weight. Although you aren’t expected to know all the best solutions to his business problems, he does expect someone who can solve his problem of getting his mind OFF of his business problems.

Having great lapdancing skills can sometimes work against you (the object is to keep him there longer…not to the point of, well…you know) Don’t just be someone dancing, have a skill.
Whether it’s joke telling, origami, seated chair massage or magic tricks, find something that sets you apart from the other dancers.
Make sure that you give them undivided attention and that you capture all the information that you need to better understand the situation.
Even if it’s something new to you (we had a magician teach card, matchbox, and cocktail napkin magic tricks at our last SuperStripper Bootcamp) Even if it’s awkward at first, hone that skill by simply practicing on a regular basis. Once you are settled into VIP, encourage them to talk about their problems and their dreams.
It’s taken me three months…but I’ve almost mastered the turning a $1 bill into a $10 bill trick!!

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