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With such transformations taking place on a global scale, the dynamics of leadership style are also undergoing substantial changes. You will be able to download and print a certificate for PDH credits once the content has been viewed.
Webinar content is available with the kind permission of the author(s) solely for the purpose of furthering AIChE’s mission to educate, inform and improve the practice of professional chemical engineering. The Humanities and Management Unit (HMU) is an integrated, academic division within the School of Engineering identical in function as other departments in the University. HMU monitors the existing humanistic and management-related courses across the two Schools and thirteen programmes in the central campus, with added services and future extensions as required. The humanistic aspect of HMU includes the existing two courses in Communication Skills –ENGT 101(2 credits) and ENGT 102 (2 credits).
The management orientation of HMU involves the monitoring of the courses in Economics, Management and Entrepreneurship.  These courses currently add socio-scientific as well as entrepreneurial dimensions to the curricula in the programmes of Engineering and Science. Offer a specialized course in Academic Writing in the final year of each programme -- in view of the limit of credit hours in individual programmes, the courses are designed to be both integral (credited) as well as non-credited ones.
Organize periodical training in communication skills to non-teaching staffs, and academic writing workshops to (post)graduate-level thesis writers of different programmes. Carry out faculty research and publication activities in specialized as well as interdisciplinary fields of scholarship.
HMU will manage certain elective courses in Creative Writing, Literature, Philosophy, Nepal Studies, Documentary Making, Business Communication and Public Relations in the existing Undergraduate programmes in coordination with other Departments. Demonstrate an understanding of applying Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based Word Processing Application skills in the Workplace. Demonstrate an understanding of applying Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based Presentation Application skills in the Workplace. Demonstrate an understanding of applying GUI-based Spreadsheet Application skills in the Workplace. Demonstrate an understanding of applying GUI-based Electronic Mail Application skills in the Workplace. Demonstrate an understanding of applying GUI-based Web Browser Application skills in the Workplace.

Improve the application of mathematical literacy in the workplace, by better utilising End User Computing Applications. Social Media as a Communication Tool gives you a clear understanding of where the business value lies in social media and the tools and applications that are available.
It teaches you to think strategically and to develop awareness of the implications of Social Media in relation to time, resource and cost. With this understanding you are in a great position to operate tactically in the way you promote your brand and deliver lasting value to your Friends, Fans and Followers.
Under my supervision you’ll start to think tactically about how to use Social Media and understand how it can help you achieve strategic communication goals.
A comprehensive Workbook is provided and throughout the day you’ll take part in a range of exercises to help you understand the key learning points.
You’ll leave armed with a wealth of techniques you will impatiently want to put into practice and share with colleagues.
Day 1 focuses on the importance of Web 2.0 and Social Media’s role in corporate communications. Day 2 allows the groups to experiment with the applications so that they have a clear strategic vision of how, why and when they should use Social Media. However, if you or your colleagues can fairly demonstrate you have received NO benefit from your training and you have learned nothing, I will refund the cost.
As a result, the demand of the world market is no longer influenced by market players of developed countries alone. Such changes include a better understanding of cultural differences, business practices, business ethics and styles of the multicultural business players. The number of programmes, classes and students receiving courses in English Communication Skills and management-related areas is large in School of Engineering and School of Science.
The courses blend humanistic and technical approaches to building students’ competence in the fundamental skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW). The courses naturally familiarize students with the broad aspects of industries and markets they are likely to enter during their professional careers. I am confident you will learn a wealth of new tips and strategies to improve your web communications.

The market players from developing and under-developed countries are becoming more influential.
For business leaders to face this ever-changing global marketplace and to establish sustainable business success, they need effective communication skills.In this webinar, Dr. The courses ensure students’ orientation to the real-world challenges of technical communication within and across science, technology and industry. In humanities (communication skills), the Unit has its service extension to 16 groups (with at least one small group combined with another) and more than 500 students each semester. Doing business in one's domestic front alone is no longer a sound sustainable business strategy.
Syamal Poddar will discuss and schematically describe a successful leadership style, covering what global leaders need to know about verbal, non-verbal, and cross-cultural communication skills, and their importance in leading a business or a project in a global environment.
Prior to forming his own consulting company, Poddar & Associates about five years ago, Dr. The main objective of this initiation, therefore, has been to manage these non-technical yet compulsory subjects. In the case of the management-related courses, which are spread to at least 18 classes in Fall Semester and 7 in spring, the Unit teaches about 450 students in fall and more than 300 in spring. The faculty team comprises three full-time Assistant Professors and two visiting teachers in English, and two full-time and half a dozen visiting teachers in Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship.
The presentation is expected to add value to professionals in every sector of the industry, and be of particular interest to leaders, and the aspiring leaders, in global business. Poddar worked in various capacities in the hydrocarbon industry sector including Exxon Research and Engineering Company, and Bechtel Corporation.

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