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In public communication, Source or messages from a single person will reach or received by huge number of audience. In mass communication, basically have a large number of audience and they are all can’t grouped together in one place so we need certain tool or technology for communication process. I thought they were horizontal,vertical,diagonal and intrapersonal despite of the given above. With our workforce becoming increasingly diverse, encouraging sensitivity and understanding in the workplace is a top priority for businesses everywhere.
Hands-on training manual for understanding diversityThe modern workforce is multicultural, multigenerational and more diverse than any previous labor pool.
Value brings out the differences among a foreground that is in your face like the wolf in this black and white photograph, a mid-ground that may serve as the focal area or simply support, and a background that may be miles away. An element on the right side of your layout has more weight than the very same element on the left side. An element on the top of your layout has more weight than the very same element on the bottom. Placing anything in the center of your page (or on any axis going in any direction, horizontal, vertical, diagonal).
While no one but you may see this hands on exercise, take the time to do it just as if you were turning it in for a grade. What makes you sparkle? What passion do you have that when you talk about it you light up a room?
The flip side of sharing your passion is being interested in what another person sparkles about. Here is your mission if you choose to accept it: the next time you are walking down the street genuinely smile at the person crossing your path. Don’t dole out praise, express gratitude or even smile at someone expecting something in return.
It won’t be easy, but I challenge you to do one thing today that makes your communication sparkle.
A while back I decided to try & compliment every person I talked to or to just drop a compliment on someone as we passed on the street.
Go from secret to sought-after speaker by discovering your unfair speaking advantageYour Unfair Speaking Advantage is the key to being a must-book, highly-regarded, well-paid speaker.
Uncover your competitive edge to get your message heard by the people who matter most in your business: the audience.
There are various levels in communication like Intrapersonal communication, Interpersonal communication, Group communication and Mass communication.
Basically Mass communication has two forms one is Interpersonal communication and another one is media communication.

Here the Source becomes a receiver and receiver become Source because of dynamic communication process were the feedback’s are shared between Source and the receiver. If least number of persons is involved in the group communication is called as small group communication. But in this communication there is no mutual feedbacks between source and receiver like small group communication and it’s only focused on Speaker.
This detailed activity book helps trainers teach employees how to approach diversity issues with empathy, sensitivity and understanding. This book may have some ideas for teamwork and brainstorming sessions, but there wasn't much novel here. Emphasis can be achieved in graphic design by placing elements on the page in positions where the eye is naturally drawn, and by using other principles such as contrast, repetition, or movement.
The emphasis can be created by all elements pointing to one item within the piece, drawing the viewer’s eye to the attention of that item. You can use colour, shape, line, texture, value, space, and or form in a way that distinguishes one element or area from the whole in order to focus the viewer attention on the piece.
It doesn’t have to be a presentation; we can sparkle in conversations, walking down the street or even ordering a cup of coffee. Put away your smartphones, turn off the TV, and just focus on what the other person is saying.
There are mornings I wake up with a grey cloud hanging over my head and not just because I live in Seattle. I not only began to appreciate the clerk at the grocery but started smiling more, just because &, the big one, learned how to give a compliment to myself.
In this communication process, everyone becomes a Source as well as receiver through sharing information and gives feedback to another. Tested with hundreds of participants to ensure the appropriateness and effectiveness for a variety of diversity training needs, the simple activities in this book will help employees at all levels cope with cultural and gender differences and master new skills for communicating more effectively.
Its exercises, designed by seasoned diversity trainers Jonamay Lambert and Selma Myers, can help promote awareness, improve communication, break down stereotypes, correct misconceptions and resolve conflicts.
You know what you want to communicate and you have the skills to direct the viewer through the work in a way that provides visual interest, multiple levels of information, and ultimately leaves the viewer fulfilled. Elements, almost regardless of size, that are irregular, that create the illusion of movement, stand out. The people in our lives do so much for us and yet we mostly likely don’t say thank you enough. For the love of all things good, if someone has a piece of spinach in their teeth, skirt tucked into their underwear or toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoe, TELL THEM! Saying a heartfelt “I’m sorry” won’t fix everything, but it is a step in the right direction.

A simple smile does say quite a bit about how feel towards another person and makes them feel great (hey, it makes you feel pretty great as well, right?) Glad I could inspire you.
Example: A person can communicate himself through pain, thinking, feelings and emotion etc.
Here readers will learn how to: - share their beliefs about coworkers of different backgrounds - manage a culturally diverse workforce - deal with issues of gender in the workplace - understand differences in dress, appearance, and social customs Filled with activities, role playing exercises, sample icebreakers, and case studies, this book will help all employees create a more harmonious, open workplace no matter what their cultural background. The authors, who assume that readers already have some experience as trainers, provide 50 discussions and activities that facilitators can use to help employees and managers deal properly with differences in ethnicity, gender, race and more. Graphic elements gain emphasis through size, visual weight, colour, complexity, uniqueness, placement on the page, and other features. The composition should work in grey scale or black and white and come to life when you add colour. In that spirit, a public thank you to my Fiancee for making me coffee every single morning.
I do my best to shine, but sometimes it takes that unexpected smile, compliment or thank you to make me really sparkle. Using the provided lectures, questionnaires, handouts, discussions and role-playing exercises, trainers can help participants understand and work with cultural differences. Below a repeated element has emphasis by changing the colour of one of the elements thereby creating emphasis through isolation. Emphasis does not make a work appealing to everyone, but without a focal point or emphasis you may be looking at a big mess that does little to accomplish the ultimate goal of communication.
Make an effort to consider what you want people to see first when arranging your composition. In these movie posters for classic movies, strong orange colour and dark value contrasts highlight the focal point.
In this case, black draws the viewer into the bold geometric shapes and gradual changes in the bold orange surface revealing hidden meaning. The speaker just had a sparkle in his eye that transformed his presentation from boring to soaring. Even though it is not talked about specifically above, emphasis works in combination with balance.
In photography and video, emphasis can imply movement by focusing of a subject that is moving.
Using examples show how these 2 concepts are closely connected (find one symmetrical and asymmetrical example).

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