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ICE is an exciting and promising integration of Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Industrian Engineering, the combination of the very core of Chulalongkorn's Engineering School. The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in HIT, Bhubaneswar started in the year 2008. The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering envisions the ECE graduate as a competent and ethical professional in the areas of electronics, communications, and digital signal processing. It may be hard to imagine today, but at the beginning of the 20th century, the Wright Brothers were just getting their "flying machine" off the ground, the telephone was still a novelty, and the first crude computer was still thirty years from invention.

The program offers students with a chance to become hardcore programmers serving the international community with IT architecture for enterprises, software on mobile devices, satellite communications, game programming, computer networking, and software engineering for large organizations, just to name a few. Professors from different IITs & NITs served as a visiting faculty in our department and there are many industry-savvy professionals. The electronics and communications engineer uses a creative and systematic approach to the design, implementation, and management of various devices and systems of semiconductors, electronic instrumentation and control, and telecommunications, relying on knowledge and skills from the mathematical, physical, and social sciences. As we begin the 21st century, the rapid transmission of data has become indispensable to many consumers and businesses, which consider innovations such as communications satellites, wireless phones and computer networks staples of everyday life.

The discipline will be strengthened with the appreciation of Management Science that should highten your competency to the international level. Moreover, the student develops an adequate knowledge of the engineering creative process, thus, developing an understanding of the interaction of electronic devices and systems with each other and the environment they operate in.

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