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If you are concerned about your child’s development, an SLP can help determine if your child has a communication disorder or a delay. But the thing is, those questions from family members and friends were actually helpful (although somewhat stressful!) as they let me know what was expected at that age for my daughter. I’d like for the average grandparent or aunt or best friend to know what is expected at each age regarding communication development.
For this reason, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) recently started a campaign called Identify the Signs to help raise awareness of the early warning signs of communication disorders.
If you notice any of these signs in your child or student, it’s important to seek out evaluation and treatment.
If you have a child or student with communication difficulty, there are ways you can help him or her right now. How will you help those around you to “Identify the Signs” of communication disorders this week?
Research into the causes and consequences of communication disorders depends on a diversity of expertise.
January 25, 2013 By Shelley Zurek 18 Comments Communication Disorders Help: Don’t Wait to get it! My Grandmother had severe hearing loss in her later years,  resulting from an undefined cause. Communication Disorders  include: language, speech or voice disorders including such challenges as stuttering, balance, swallowing, and hearing impairment. So you don’t think that hearing loss, stuttering, speech issues are that big of a deal? I hope that Lazaro Arbos is able to get the help he needs to overcome his stuttering like Annie Glenn, wife of Senator and astronaut John Glenn, did at age 50! Top Ten Communication Disorders Tips: How Can you Get Help or Help Someone with Communication Disorders?
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Head over to the official Twitter feed from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. PIN this Pin below to Pinterest to help raise awareness for those with Communication Disorders. Thank you for publicizing an all-too-common problem, in all its facets–not just hearing problems. I missed this episode of American Idol so I am happy to see just how moving it is and how well it helps to explain the complexity of communication problems.

I appreciate this post because I have a lot of students who struggle with communication disorders. Communication is something we take for granted, but it’s amazing how many people suffer in silence, without getting help.
We often receive enquiries from concerned parents with children age 18 months or older expressing concerns about their children “not talking”. Your SLP may be able to determine factors that may be hindering your child’s development and provide you with tips and strategies to stimulate your child’s development. We are constantly keeping track of how well our children or students eat, sleep, move, grow and learn.
Without the idea that my baby should be walking soon being planted in my head, I might not have given her as many opportunities to try to walk on her own. Can you imagine what a clear picture my best friend would have had about the expectations for speech and language development for her 18-month-old son, if all of her friends had constantly asked her, “Does he know about 20 words yet?” Had my friends asked, “Does she turn when you call her name?” when my toddler daughter was having recurrent ear infections, it might’ve given me the impetus I needed to ask the pediatrician about pressure equalization (PE) tubes a few months sooner. This year-long campaign seeks to educate parents and caregivers (and grandparents, aunts and best friends!) about speech, language and hearing issues.
Even if your child passed a hearing screening at birth, have your child’s hearing tested by a pediatric audiologist if you are concerned about speech or language. And now, I’m off to call my friends to ask whether their toddlers are using more than just a few words, gestures or sounds yet.
In light of rapid global and technological changes, we need to understand how we communicate and improve our capacity to communicate across diverse cultures and languages. Research into communication disorders requires an interdisciplinary field of scientific inquiry with experts in education, linguistics, medicine, psychology and others. Contact your Federal and State legislators about issues that are important to those with Communication Disorders.
After 2 years of speech therapy he’s improved so much, but those were very hard years on all of us. Until candidacy status is conferred, the program and the institution agree to not enroll students into the applicant program until such time that candidacy status has been awarded by the CAA. Candidacy status by ASHA for new programs in communication sciences and disorders can remain in effect up to the fifth year of a program. Although it is true that children develop at varying rates because every child is unique, there are certain indicators that your child’s “problem” may be more than just a difference. In some cases, the child and parent may only need to return for a follow-up to monitor the child’s development. If only the early signs of communication disorders were common knowledge, it would be so helpful for worried parents trying to figure out if they should seek help for their child who isn’t yet talking. A recent poll of ASHA’s members (speech-language pathologists and audiologists—the professionals who treat these disorders) found that lack of awareness of the warning signs is the leading barrier to early detection and treatment.

By treating the symptoms of communication disorders early, treatment is often less expensive and takes less time. And I think I’ll call my sister-in-law, too, to ask her whether we can video chat so that I can see my brilliant tiny nephew smiling and interacting socially, as is expected at his age! In this context, the focus of our eSRT has been to develop cross-disciplinary collaborations within groups of researchers at the University of Hong Kong. For that matter you wouldn’t believe that Annie Glenn was able to correct her problem. I had heard that people who have communication problems with stuttering oftentimes can sing without a problem, but I have never seen anyone who stutters sing to understand it.
They work with a bunch of big name brands like Kohls, Nordstrom and Amazon so I can always get money back from my favorite stores. Information on the “step-wise” candidacy model and requirements for Candidacy status can be found HERE. Early detection of a genuine problem leads to early intervention which is crucial if your child has a communication disorder. In other cases, a follow-up evaluation to obtain further information may be required and a treatment plan will be developed together with all parties involved.
For instance, when my daughter turned 1, my friends and family were always asking, “Has she started walking yet?” It was the topic of every phone call from every relative around that time. I often encourage parents and early childhood teachers to be “diaper sportscasters,” talking babies through the steps involved in changing a diaper (which happens, oh, maybe a zillion times a day!).
She works for Rocketship Education and the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School.
This strategy seeks to synthesize expertise from across HKU (Education, Engineering, Humanities Medicine and Social Science) to ignite innovation and to build a platform for research in Communication Disorders.
How beautifully Lazaro sings and surely, with all of his Idol attention, he has found a ASHA therapist to guide him. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can help with language disorders, speech sound disorders, stuttering (disfluency), and voice disorders. And, when she didn’t walk until 14 months (still well within the range of normal, mind you!), I have to admit that I was a bit worried about it because of the questions I’d been fielding for months! Use ASHA’s searchable database of certified speech-language-hearing professionals to find professionals in your area who can help. Prevention of communication disorders should therefore be a key research priority within any civilized society.

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