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SCHOFIELD BARRACKS — The year of 2014 was filled with new challenges, successes, renewed missions and continued partnerships for the Soldiers of the Tropic Lightning Division, the Army’s premier ground force in the Pacific. The Malaysian-Indonesian teams from Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment, 25th CAB, 25th ID and 209th ASB, 25th CAB, 25th ID, attended a portion of the Jungle Operations Training Course, May 19-24.
With the strategic rebalance to the Pacific region, home to five of the world’s largest armies, the 25th Infantry Division engaged in more than 10 joint exercises and hosted more than 15 senior leader engagements from foreign nations, fostering partnerships throughout the Pacific.
Another name was added to the Medal of Honor wall in the headquarters building, with the new recipient, Sgt. The Lightning Academy opened the Jungle Operations Training Course this year, offering versatile jungle warfare training to Soldiers on Oahu and around the Army. With the Army opening more positions for women, the 25th ID leaned forward in the foxhole with several female Soldiers attending a 10-day assessment in preparation to possibly take on the Ranger Training Assessment Course conducted at Fort Benning, Georgia. For the brigades, the year was filled with joint exercises and training deployments, focused on readiness and preparedness as they rotated through responsibility for crisis response force duties as part of the rapid response force within the Pacific. The 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team “Warrior Brigade” had a very busy year starting off with less than 100 days notice before deployment to the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California, for readiness training exercises. The 3rd BCT “Bronco Brigade” was the first brigade to have all battalions complete the JOTC from the Lightning Academy. The Division Artillery, or DIVARTY, was reactivated, Oct.1, after almost a decade, also marking the 73rd birthday of the Tropic Lightning Division. The division was a critical component of the inaugural Pacific Pathways, serving as the mission command headquarters for two of the three multinational exercises: Keris Strike in Malaysia and Garuda Shield in Indonesia. This year held a first for many within the Tropic Lightning Division and the next year looks to bring even more, with the continued Pacific Pathways and more regional partnerships to ensure the stability and security of the Asia-Pacific region.

SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. The Tropic Lightning Museum may be able to help if you’re looking for older or missing content after 1955. Just like car enthusiasts, bikers, PC modders, Lego builders, and other tinkerers, the AR-15, even if it's not brand specific, have a place in the pantheon of "best gadgets of all time." Whilst some will take glory in tinkering with computer code, others prefer sweating it out in garages and workshops to make their own awesome builds. Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, unless specified otherwise by their respective authors. If you ever wondered whether you should get a tactical shotgun for your home defense arsenal, then you’ve got to see this video.
You see, every weapon has its drawbacks and you’ll see first hand why, with great power comes great responsibility. The teams completed training in jungle survival skills, construction of a rope bridge for water crossing, and repel lines to traverse steep terrain for casualty evacuation. They played an integral part in the multinational and joint service exercise Rim of the Pacific, in and around the islands of Hawaii, by providing aerial support, security and scouting capabilities with the help of the Apache helicopters assigned to the 25th CAB, but stationed in Fort Carson, Colorado. It’s a Gadget" caught my attention and of course curiosity to what this story is all about.
Some of you may point out the AR-15 is a gun, made for a single purpose which is to shoot things, living or not and thus may not be considered as a gadget.
Some are small companies, and some are companies that can be valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars.
If going by definition of adaptability and make it meet a variety of designs and purposes, it sure is.

Please do provide us a link if you have made a translation and included the corresponding credit to the original author. Regt., 3rd BCT, 25th ID, use a poncho raft to tactically maneuver down a river during the first phase of Jungle Operations Training Course held at the Lightning Academy.
The first thing that gets into our minds these days when we encounter the word "gadget" are all those gizmos designed not for a specific purpose, but for several purposes. What we mean with this is that since it's a very modular rifle, people can configure the rifle to a variety of ways they want and it does not necessarily require skills.
Whilst many of us in airsoft can easily get bored when another "AR" variant gets released, we are aware that  we can turn it into something we can call our very own which no other person has, and that makes the AR-15 a unique gadget on its own. Copas, Company C, 1st Battalion (Mechanized), 5th Regiment, 25th ID, for his actions in World War II, brining the total of MOH recipients to more than 40 for the Division. The Swiss Army Knife is the non-electronic gadget that can do a lot of tasks, depending on the model, and smart phones are said to the pinnacle of electric gadgetry as these they do a lot of functions and many people's lives actually depend on them for information, communication, commerce, navigation, and even emergency. And there is a vibrant community of modders, whether real steel, or airsoft, in which ARs come in various shapes and sizes, from the familiar to the out of this world.
Best Ranger Competition, beating out active and reserve units competing at Fort Benning, Georgia. Depending on the configuration gadgets provide incremental, if not revolutionary improvements in human history.

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