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C&NN Connect was created to support people and organizations working worldwide to reconnect children and nature.
Visit the Children & Nature Network Web site for news, resources, network initiatives, and the Movement Map. Survival Skills Cartoons and ComicsSurvival Skills cartoon 1 of 13Dislike this cartoon?"That's my survival kit. You are here: > Art Activities > American Indian Crafts and Activities > SURVIVAL SKILLS OF THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS. This class is not a weekend campout it is a skill learning and task application of the skills taught. Small groups of partners will be assigned an instructor to assist and grade you on how well you and your partner perform assigned skills. Your team will practice and demonstrate proficiency of each skill taught after the lecture and many times during the class. You will build your skills the entire weekend ending with a challenge which will use all you have learned.
You will need to be proficient in all of the skills taught in each level of classes to succeed in the next level as the students in that class should not have to wait for you to learn a skill they already possess.

Teach Students 72 Hour Survival Skills utilizing mainly Kit Items from the 10C’s and the Multi-functionality of Kit Items that help effect Self Aid to Include CTC (Core Temperature Control). SURVIVAL KIDS is a fun and interactive educational program teaching life skills to elementary school age children.
These eight lessons are taught by volunteer firefighters at each elementary school within the jurisdiction of the Fire District. Designed for use with upper primary & secondary staff working alongside pupils who experience difficulties in class.
You will need each item during the training and you cannot depend on others to have extra equipment. You should take notes in each session as there will be a written test on the last day covering all subjects taught. Patterned after the successful law enforcement “DARE” program, SURVIVAL KIDS places a trained firefighter into each 4th grade classroom each month to teach an important life skill. Starting in October following National Fire Prevention Week, over 25 classrooms are visited each month through out the school year. The activities are aimed at helping students to improve their classroom skills with practical strategies for: Listening, Organisation, Homework, Relationships &Communication, Self-Control, Motivation, Confidence.

Comprehensive guide to harvesting plants for food and medicine, including step-by-step instructions and detailed diagrams for crafting tools, shelter, clothing, cordage, baskets and other items from natural materials.
The last night you will be required to sleep in a temporary shelter that you will construct earlier in the day.
You can be in tents or hammocks and you are not limited as to what you bring however, it can become intense at times and there will deliverables (tasks) everyday to complete to pass the course. This program was recognized by the International Association of Fire Chief’s with the International Award for Excellence in 1996. This resource can be used to develop camp crafts using readily available local materials or for more serious survival training.

Healthy foods to eat for skin
Surviving the wild games

Rubric: Survival First Aid Kit


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