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What over-the-top summary of one of the adventures in your book would you use to sell me on buying it?
Avenged Sevenfold is on here tomorrow, can you give me an interesting story to bring up on their AMA? Hey Chris, I’ve been a long time fan back since your Lionheart days in WCW and am still holding out hope that you’ll get another title run in the WWE before you hang up your boots. What do you believe are the keys to putting on a five-star match and what do you consider your favorite match of all time (either one you were in or not)? In all seriousness, have you gotten in trouble for anything you've said or done in the ring?
Do you think the wrestling business is better off now (PG, concussion awareness, no blood, etc) or during the peak Monday Night War era (better creatively, more jobs with three companies, worse medical checks in place, etc)?
Did the band ever consider playing Wormwood live or was it far too difficult to ever pull off? 1) I know you put a lot of praise behind DDPyoga and what it has done for you; I mean, after all, you're in your 40s and you're still jumping off the top of steel cages!
Are there any moments in wrestling you have had to improvise and felt it resulted in a better finish than originally planned? If you were forced to only listen to one of "The Big 4" thrash metal bands, which one do you pick and why? What's the biggest mistake you've ever done in your career and what did you do to repair that mistake?

Whenever I have seen you with Fozzy (Download Festival, specifically) you have climbed on the struts, the poles and the stage in general.
If Fozzy had the opportunity to go on tour with Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, which one would you choose? What do you think of Randy Orton becoming the latest internet hero with his #RKOVines videos?
When you won The Dating Game back in WCW days, was that real and did you really go on the Hawaiian vacation with the blonde hottie? Saw Fozzy this weekend in State College with Theory of a Deadman and you guys are great live!
Hey Chris, listen to TIJ and know that your go to beverage is Grey Goose, whats your favorite beer if you had to drink one? OK so, Triple H tears his quad mid-match and even after that ends up in a Walls of Jericho. Chris, what's your thoughts on kurt cobain, he's undoubtedly the biggest rockstar since John Lennon imo? Do you think there's a chance we'll eeeeeevvvver see the mouthy, cocky, assclown spouting Chris Jericho of old in this PG era? How has your writing process changed over time, and how the heck do you keep coming up with interesting material?
Who, out of all the people you haven't had yet, would you like to have on a guest on Talk is Jericho?

Has DDPyoga actually been that large of a factor for why you can still compete at such a high level at your age? I thought he looked like a complete joke in his feud with Cena so I appreciated that you took him more seriously. Were you always into singing or was it something that just came along during your wrestling career? What is your obsession with climbing things on stage, and when are Fozzy coming back to the United Kingdom?
I'm a huge fan of yours, whether is your in ring work, your books, Fozzy or your podcast (Talk is Jericho, cheap plug).
I love your books, I read one where you talked about cockney rhyming slang, and it started a whole chain of me learning new things about languages.
I just wanted to say I've been a Jericoholic since 1999, I had the new book preordered for Kindle, and I'm glad I finally got to see you wrestle in person at Night of Champions. I have to buy new WCW Monday Night Jericho shirts every two years or so when they get worn out. My question, what is the best rib, either done to you, you've pulled or seen pulled on someone?

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