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When, where, how to wash hands the right way for best practice in hygienic food preparation and handling. The guidance on how and when to wear gloves while working in the kitchen or in food serving industry, to prevent food poisoning by practicing hygienic food preparation and handling. First Aid For Choking Infant and Child – Emergency steps to help choking infant or child either in conscious state or unconscious state.
The First Aid Safety Poster is an amazingly helpful all in one guide in case of an emergency.
Unconsciousness signs and symptoms can include closed eyes, confusion, and drowsiness or unresponsiveness.
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For the third time, KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital was invited by Pangkor Island Beach Resort to give CPR and First Aid Training for their staff recently. At the end of the training, to ensure that it was well comprehended, all participants were given a practical evaluation and written test. Clearly, and beautifully, shown are detailed illustrations and the exact information needed for bleeding, burns, fractures, sprains, eye injuries, shock, CPR, and choking.
The objective of this project was to educate the front liners, from various departments of Pangkor Island Beach Resort, on the importance of CPR training in saving lives. For tips to avoid choking, see preventing choking.A person who is choking cannot talk, cough, or breathe, and may turn gray or blue. By understanding the meaning of these symbols you are expected to use the right tableware and avoid the wrong practice that will turn the material into a source of toxic contamination through usage (degeneration). Accidents can occur at any moment and this poster will help any business be prepared for the most commonly occurring injuries.

When unconscious, a person is in danger of choking, making it very important to keep the airway clear while awaiting medical care.First Aid GuideIf you find an unconscious person, try to determine what caused the loss of consciousness. The training focussed on: drowning, choking, snake bite and heart attack, which are more common in the industry.
If the person is standing, place one of your legs between his or her legs so you can support the person if he or she faints. If you cannot determine what caused the loss of consciousness, give first aid for general unconsciousness and call emergency medical services if the person does not revive promptly (ie, within a couple minutes).
Place the thumb side of your fist against the person's belly, just above the belly button but well below the breastbone.

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