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A potentially life-threatening medical condition that can be present in any first aid situation, even “minor” ones.
Safetytec - For all of your First Aid, Emergency Medical, Physio Supplies and First Aid Training in Ireland. We also supply a full range of sports medical and physio supplies including on field first aid training. All of our field personnel including warehouse operatives are professional medical employees which allows us to offer expert advice and support on the latest range of emergency medical equipment, AED Defibrillator supplies, medical training courses and first aid supplies in Ireland. We can provide personalised and tailor made packages to meet the first aid requirements of your organisation and comply with current Health & Safety legislation.
It’s not uncommon for allergic reactions to develop, especially with wasp stings – in which case a trip to the hospital may be needed after administering first aid for anaphylaxis. Simply enter your email to receive a free first aid lesson, just like those you'd experience during one of our live first aid workshops. I've been surprised this past week how such a simple investment could make me feel more confident as a parent, but it really has. Energy and Mining Training Solutions (Hydraskills) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), provider number 51213. People who have never performed CPR, are uncomfortable with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or have a fear of risk of infectious disease being transferred to them from the casualty are advised to perform hands only CPR which only involves continual chest compressions until help arrives.
If a a defibrillator is available, if so open the defibrillator and follow the voice instructions.
Place the heel of your hand in the middle of the casualty’s chest between the nipples and place your other hand on top of the first one. Once you've completed the course you even get a free first aid certificate to download - nifty! Our missionTo provide a range of free to access CPR tests to enable people to develop and improve their knowledge of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
Choking The NZ Resuscitation Council brought in changes at the end of December 2010 The Heimlich maneuver or abdominal thrusts are no longer used.

Chocking is an immediate life threatening condition and the patient has only minutes before they loose consciousness unless the airway is cleared.
If your patient can not make any noise and can only respond by nodding them they have a fully obstructed airway. If this has not dislodged the obstruction give 5 chest thrusts by standing behind the person and wrapping your arms around their chest (below the breasts for women) and give hard pulls against their chest.
If you cannot get your arms around the patient stand them back against a solid wall and push with both hands on their sternum five times. If your patient goes unconscious call 111 and begin CPR with the addition of looking in the patient’s mouth before giving any breaths. If a child is choking you would do the same procedure for an adult and remember to get down to your child’s level when helping them. Lie baby on your arm, head done in your hand and support either side of the babies jaw.
Turn (sandwich) baby over to your other arm and give 5 chest thrusts on babies’ breastbone between the nipple- line.
If you can’t see ant thing turn baby over again and give 5 back blows and repeat the process until the obstruction is removed. If baby looses consciousness call 111 and commence CPR with the addition of giving back blows between giving compression and rescue breaths.
Established in 1998 we supply a full range of emergency medical equipment, AED Defibrillator supplies, medical training courses and first aid supplies in Ireland. Contributions to The American National Red Cross are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
The stinger on a wasp is smooth and won’t stay in the skin, whereas a bee will leave behind its venom sac attached to a barbed stinger.
My husband had not done the course and booked it and did it straight after, as he would not have known what to do. As she and her 11 year old brother got off the bus and crossed the road, the young woman walking in front of them collapsed.

My daughter moved the young woman to a safer place on the road by an island and placed her in the recovery position. We found the course was very practical and helpful and thought that Craig was a fantastic presenter.
Hydraskills is a licensed user of the Metals & Engineering Training Package MEM05 that contains the full range of competency standard units relevant to maintenance and diagnostics.
CPR allows the continuous flow of oxygenated blood to vital organs of the body until medical treatment (defibrillation) is performed to restore normal heart rhythm. Bend them over slightly, supporting their upper body with your arm and give 5 back blows between the shoulder blades. Repeat chest thrusts and back blows until you either remove the obstruction or the patient becomes unconscious.
However, for a child,  a sting can be a big deal; especially when stung for the first time. After treatment, to ease that pain a little paracetamol (or similar) can be given (and maybe a lollipop, too!). She had a fever that rose quickly and becuase of your course, i recognised the signs of what was happening, placed her in the recovery postion on the floor till the fit stopped and called the ambulance. Knowing of his extensive experience and hearing his stories was great but we also found him to be very clear and good at reinforcing the main points. All our qualifications contain the relevant competencies to match today's skill shortages and can be customised to suit customer requirements. Although a terrifiying experience as i was home on my home own, i kept calm and felt in control knowing i had the knowledge to help me daughter through. His stories kept things lively as well as illustrated the skills we need in a way that I'll remember.

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