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My Patriot Supply's survival store was founded in 2008 by people with a passion for self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness. Survival Seed Vault, a wide selection of individual survival heirloom seeds, an array of home canning supplies, and Patriot Pantry survival food. This equipment is ideal for someone who is beginning bushcraft or is looking to do one of our bushcraft courses but doesn’t have basic gear to camp out in the woods.
You get 10 points for entering the competition and this is all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning the kit.
You will receive a unique personal contest link that you can share with your friends and followers.
The link comes back to this page so that you can encourage other people to join the competition.
When someone you’ve shared your contest link with joins the competition, you get an extra 20 points! If you post on Facebook about the competition (including your contest link) you’ll get 20 extra points (up to a maximum of 100 points per day). If you share the bonus link (a personalised link back to the blog article about the kit in the competition) then when someone clicks on it, you’ll get 50 bonus points (up to a maximum of 500 points per day). In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the promoter retains the right to offer an alternative prize of equal value.

I've been looking around for a breakdown rifle that is relatively inexpensive, and it seems that they're getting harder and harder to find. Anyone else know of an inexpensive survival .22 that can breakdown quickly to fit in a 72 hour pack? Oh, and please don't tell me to buy some crazy different gun -- I already own a Ruger mini 14, a survival shotgun, and a Mossberg 12ga. Thanks, but like I mentioned in my post, there are lots of questions about the Henry's reliability. I may end up getting one and being careful about the ammo I use with it, but I was hoping there were other options on the market.
Unless you plan on melting the barrel with thousands of rounds in one day, the Henry will do you fine so long as you respect it's limitations.
Yea but on the other hand there are no questions regarding the reliability of the Marlin and it's much easier to find. We not only understand the drive to practice emergency preparedness, we are active participants in the survivalist lifestyle.
My Patriot Supply also specializes in emergency water filtration, and features the Survival Spring, the next generation personal water filtration straw that eliminates 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and parasites.
I'm specifically looking for a relatively cheap .22 that can breakdown quickly for my 72 hour pack.

We earnestly believe that true freedom comes from attaining a certain level of self-reliance and our survival store was created with this truth in mind.
So no matter what your survival needs, you can trust that you will find quality products and be treated with respect. Employees of Frontier Bushcraft Limited, their families and agencies,and anyone directly connected with the competition are not eligible to enter. I would really like the M6, but unfortunately they are no longer made and they are becoming way too expensive to buy used.
We believe that fear mongering and price gouging are unacceptable, so we price all survival equipment fairly and offer free shipping on all orders over $79. I'm pretty sure that Marlin stopped making their inexpensive survival rifle -- I believe it was called the Papoose -- is that correct?

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