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Corey Gruber (center), Assistant Administrator for FEMA’s National Preparedness Directorate, observes students removing contaminated clothing from a simulated survivor prior to decontamination. Healthcare workers, representing 23 Native American tribes respond to an emergency at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) Noble Training Facility. The National Hurricane Centera€™s interactive map tracks flooding not only by location, but also storm strength. Now they have an interactive map that tracks flooding not only by location, but storm strength.
Published Thursday, the map for the first time links the coast from Texas to Maine, said Brian Zachry, a National Hurricane Center storm surge specialist. In Florida, they found that about 40 percent of the population could face flooding in a powerful storm. The maps are an improvement on the disconnected grids forecasters had previously used that sometimes left the public confused. Not surprisingly, only a narrow ribbon of coast south of downtown Miami is expected to flood in a Category 1 storm.

Jim Panek of Albion holds his granddaughter, Jayne Klotzbach, after winning her a giant bear in a basketball shooting contest. Jaxson Hurt, who turned 3 on Friday, sits in the driver's seat of his grandfather Glenn Giltner's 1968 Pontiac LeMans. Pirates of the Columbian Caribbean perform their high wire routine on Friday while the sun was setting. Rick Dickson, Assistant Director of CDP Training and Education, explains how many first responders gain an appreciation for how their responsibility affects another responder’s role during the response process. More than 50 tribal members, representing 10 states came together at the CDP for the Healthcare Leadership for Mass Casualty Incidents course. Forecasters used thousands of hypothetical hurricanes and factored in local coastal topography along with levees, canals and other structures to determine flooding. The new map lets users choose the strength size, then zoom in and out of locations, tracking flooding, which is measured at three, six and nine feet above ground. But jump to a Category 5 hurricane and the south end of the county, including Kendall, Cutler Bay, Homestead, Florida City and all of the Everglades, would sit under six to nine feet of water.

Rather than wait until next year, Zachry said forecasters decided to release it now to give residents more time to study it and contact local emergency managers for information on evacuation plans. Pirates of the Columbian Caribbean High Wire Thrill Show sponsored by the Batavia Daily News.
Small Fry Pedal Tractor Pull- Championship run of all first place finishers from throughout the week. During the four-day class the tribal members trained to provide a realistic medical response in an actual treatment facility. Under the same scenario farther north, the central part of the county stretches like a chain of ragged keys, with dry land forming a narrow corridor around Southwest Eighth Street between Miami and West Miami.

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