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The Scottish Gamekeepers Association is part of the new multi-partner Scottish Wildcat Conservation Action Group, chaired by Scottish Natural Heritage.
The main threat to wildcats is hybridisation with feral domestic cats which raises many challenges in correctly identifying wildcats from often fleeting sightings. Survey work will be coordinated with the intention of identifying key regions to focus research and conservation actions within. The group aims to have a comprehensive action plan underway by next spring forming a Scotland-wide approach to wildcat conservation overseen by Scottish Natural Heritage. Individual members of the Conservation Action Group will work together in task groups focused on key aspects of wildcat conservation such as research, taxonomy, genetics and captive breeding, developing proposals alongside other experts and presenting these for approval by the core action group. Am I reading this correctly, the Scottish Gamekeepers Association providing their help to conserve a predator?

Maybe one of their policies will be to remove raptors and this will help the wildcat population recover, cynical but look beyond the rhetoric. If you read in the national or your local press of any persecution incidents, please send this information to Raptor Politics immediately. Join Terry Pickford Bird Watching in the Czech Republic 2016, only a single place remaining. The group will look, over the next 6 months, at a range of national actions designed to save the wildcat.
The first action agreed by the group was an immediate targeted survey to identify the best surviving populations of wildcats. If the news is true then all I can say is why don’t the SGA put as much energy into protecting Scotland’s raptors?

In this photograph, the Scottish Wildcats (Felis silvestris) exhibit behaviour which is typical of domestic cats. The wildcat is larger, with a broader face; also, the tail end is blunt, rather than pointed.

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