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Cancer survival rates are improving in adolescents and young adults, particularly for melanomas and germ cell tumours, a 20-year West Australian study finds.
Reviewing more than 10,000 cancer cases in 15-39-year-olds, researchers found those diagnosed from 2000-2004 were 50% less likely to die prematurely than those diagnosed in the 1980s. Melanomas had the best prognosis, with five-year survival reaching par with the general population.
Recently diagnosed male germ cell tumours also had a good prognosis, with five-year survival only 5% lower.

The researchers attributed these improvements to better diagnostics and treatment, and improved detection and awareness of skin cancer among young Australians. Diagnoses of CNS malignancies and leukaemias, by contrast, carried poor prognoses, even though this was improving for the latter. The poor outcomes associated with CNS tumours were especially concerning, especially as explanations were difficult to ascertain, the study authors said. Paediatrics Update offers the latest news and opinion on a wide range of clinical and political issues relevant to Australian paediatricians, as well as coverage of the leading national and international conferences.

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