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Hummus-talk surfaces in my casual conversation all over the place, as it did when I was talking with the food editor of the Washington Post at a conference last spring. The Post article, which I saved, had a recipe listing ingredients, didn’t see that in the above article. Am confused a bit though about peeled chick peas vs skinless chick peas, apparently the peeled ones have been treated and de-skinned already? With that being said, I just wanted to thank you for your dedication to the Lebanese cuisine, and keeping it True! I have tried them and found the flavor not quite the same, but you may want to give it a whirl! Curse of governments, homeowners, gardeners, farmers, developers, railway companies, airports, and Olympic planning committees.
Above: Like so many other problem plants, Japanese knotweed was imported (from eastern Asia) as a garden ornamental, before escaping. But this aggressive member of the buckwheat family ran botanical riot in habitats where it had no natural enemies. Long term, biocontrol of Japanese knotweed might prove the most effective and eco-friendly method, by introducing a sap-sucking psyllid from knotweed’s native Japan to prey on the plant. Above: But until the psyllids start sucking full-time, there is another way to tame this floral thug and it is mechanical. On his acreage on the banks of the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, Steven Schwarz, chief forager at Delaware Valley Ramps, and founder of the Upper Delaware BioBlitz, employs what he calls “the Sampson Approach,” in order to avoid the use of chemicals on the Japanese knotweed that chokes the river edges. Viewing Japanese knotweed as food would transform the expensive-to-control weed into an income booster for landowners and foragers, provide cooks with a new and versatile vegetable, spare the environment some of the effects of mass herbicide application, and help to control the plant by creative mechanical means.
Above: The choice edible part of Japanese knotweed is its young shoot, which resembles an asparagus spear. Above: To harvest the shoots, choose a spot where the previous season’s old canes (dry, brown, and hollow) stand untidily.
Above: Or cut them thinly and scatter across creamy burrata or mozzarella, sliver them into salads and toss them into hummus.
Above: After the stems have matured, the young unfurling leaf tips are still good to eat, with more crunch than the melty, cooked stems. I not only loved this hummus but took it to a potluck of non vegans (or even healthy people) and was asked for the recipe. Well I must let you know it was such a hit at dinner last night that it disappeared very quickly…everyone loved it! Non-GMO: White Beans, Beets, Water, Tahini (Ground Sesame), Canola and Olive Oil Blend, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Spices, Citric Acid, Xantham Gum, Potassium Sorbate to Maintain Freshness. At Eat Well Embrace Life Hummus, it’s our passion to create delicious Good For You foods that deliver a memorable culinary experience. I put it on the menu of the cooking classes I teach, and most every talk I’ve given since the launch of my cookbook has included at least a brief ode to hummus-love. I lingered on the delights of a thick, rich, ultra-smooth homemade hummus that requires that every one of its few ingredients be at the top of its game. And now that my husband is vegan and has joined me after a few decades, hummus is a staple for us-not just for special occasions. I did add yogurt into the mix, before I discovered the role of peeled chickpeas in texture and flavor. You can remove these yourself (method in my book and the Washington Post piece) or you can buy them already peeled from me! My tahini is smooth fresh, and I keep it that way by shaking the jar regularly as it sits (at cool room temp).

From a middle aged man in England who was vegetarian for 34 years until I became vegan this year. Lebanese recipes are perfect for the vegan diet, and I can see why you plow through your tahini! Your recipes looks so delectable and I’m sure to try them as my kids prefer Lebanese over our ethnic food from India and Pakistan! When I get a new jar of tahini it is often separated with the oil on top and the sesame paste solidified on the bottom.
My local grocery store started carrying these and I noticed the skin is already removed, but not sure if these are appropriate for hummus?
There is still a dearth of information about the effect of Roundup on human and ecological health. Digging up knotweed with a back hoe looks impressive, but is ineffective: knotweed can regrow from a just a small piece of left-behind root. This is—at last—the point of our story: Japanese knotweed tastes good, if you like tart flavors such as lemon, sorrel, and rhubarb.
As the world becomes digitally connected, word is spreading about the culinary potential of this despised plant.
Peel tougher stems and discard the joints between each hollow section, as they can be tough.
Saute them briefly to add to omelets, to accompany spring meatballs, as a green stew with fava beans, or as a tart side to a rich main dish. Peel the thin red-spotted membrane from the stalks (a little like pulling the strings off celery). I threw this fresh-tasting green dip together by the seat of my pants, and I urge you to do the same.
Two of my co-workers developed an unhealthy obsession with it (well, I guess it was a healthy obsession), and urged me to package and sell this green gold. And yes, the color is pretty great, especially considering I took the picture with my iphone! The lime is so good I’d hate to lose that, but if you try lemon let me know how it comes out. I found it through Gojee and now I can follow you on your site – doing my best to eat cleaner too for health reasons. We promise it will always be a WOW experience when our hummus makes an appearance on your table or in a dish. Joe asked me to write this down for his people, Washington Post readers, which landed in the paper and an online chat last week. I love the pre-peeled chickpeas I’ve sourced so much that they inspired me to create the Maureen Abood Market, primarily so I could share them with you.
It’s no good and makes hummus and anything it touches just okay rather than luscious and delicious and special. Either should be cold, and add it sparingly so your hummus is thick enough to make a well in the center with the back of a spoon.
Or red bell pepper that’s been sauteed briefly over high heat, with a hit of harissa or cayenne. I’d love to see a constant stream of smooth, delectable hummus photos flooding our social media.
My pre-peeled chickpeas are dried but par-cooked, so they only need about 90 minutes in boiling water.
By exploring dishes from what I call the Mediterranean rim and the Middle East, I don’t miss dairy at all.

We had a small family reunion, as we are of Lebanese descent, however, our grandparents and parents have passed on, and recipes lost. I put the whole thing in the food processor and blend it for a few minutes until smooth, then pour it back in the jar.
The federal Environmental Protection Agency currently has little negative to say, although in 2015 California’s EPA listed glyphosate as a human carcinogen. However, the regular shearing of its shoots can eventually deplete the underground rhizomes of energy and can potentially force a clump into retirement. Schwarz says, “My favorite use is the tender shoots, peeled, and then diced into quarter-inch cubes in salads.
Japanese knotweed is delicious in curries, in a cream-and-mustard sauce for chicken breasts, in risotto, slow-cooked in pot roasts with the last of the winter root vegetables, whipped into mashed potatoes, roasted with baby whole potatoes, and pureed into leek and potato soups. I made it this morning for a birthday party I am going to tonight – took a risk because the ingredients sounded so amazing. Try Joyva (it’s in a can), Soom, Al Wadi, and my favorite (after tasting and testing enough tahini to fill Little Traverse Bay), Lebanon Valley.
As for the garlic, the hummus is your blank slate…I like one clove for a balanced, luscious flavor with the lemon, tahini, chickpeas, olive oil.
We all bought cookbooks, and most of the recipes were very confusing, as we are ALL Americanized. Schwartz uses a machete or a weed whacker to attack the colony three times a year, the last just before it sets seed.
These tart stems are stuffed with resveratrol, the antioxidant polyphenol touted for its anti-inflammatory effect. Many foragers like to use knotweed like rhubarb (although I find it more vegetal in flavor). And the ingredients in some brands can be questionable, especially when it comes to the kind of oil the commercial manufacturers use.
I also have to say I added a ripe avocado just for the hell of it because I was afraid it wouldn’t last another day and it came out even extra creamy. I sent everyone the name of your website, through email, and told them to refer to your recipes .
Whenever I make your hummus recipe I have to decorate it with three whole chick peas (always three) and paprika on top or my husband won’t eat it.
Michigan and New York have banned the sale, purchase and transportation of the plant, which occurs in 42 states (the arid southwest is exempt). Japanese knotweed (from China and Japan) is the leading source of resveratrol in supplement form. I have discovered that there are unwritten rules about how Lebanese food needs to be decorated or presented to make the dish truly authentic. We’ve already written about dandelions, and then there are garlic mustard, field garlic, burdock, mugwort, chickweed, goutweed, and more. Its dense monoculture colonies decimate native plants by excluding them, and it alters local ecologies.

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