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In addition to essential first aid supplies, this kit includes enough food and water to meet the survival needs of one person for three days.
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Well, I saw this at walmart for $36 so I figured I'd give it a look and see whether it was worthwhile.
Les Stroud has survived the harshest and most remote climates on earth without food, water or a support team. Retinoblastoma Survivor: What to expect for parents & survivors, and educational tools! The Camillus Les Stroud Rollout First Aid Kit (20-Items) is a no hassle first aid kit – fast, critical supplies made easily accessible. International Shipping: This item is not eligible for international shipping. Light weight and compact, a real winning combination, especially if you run into a Bigfoot with a thorn in his big foot. On day 30 we will charge 50% of the remaining balance, followed by the final payment on day 60.
His innovative survival knowledge and unparalleled skills have proven Les to be the true Survivorman.

Where the trauma kits lack for every-day minor cuts, burns and the occasional headache aches and pains the Camillus kit fills the void.
The rear of the pack has several straps that could attach it to a belt, or a molle webbing platform.
The contents differ somewhat from the picture on the tag (not the description, just the picture). I guess a tourniquet is only a good idea if the person is going to bleed to death without it.
Now, Stroud combines the essence of survival and innovative thinking with Camillus's expertise and craftsmanship.
Things I like about the bag are the way it opens in the front that reveals a fold out area with 8 pockets and elastic bands for holding scissors and tweezers and whatever else you might want to stash.
However If one had anything other that a small cut I think you'd blast through those supplies real quick. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
It has all the items I’m far more likely to need on a regular basis and comes in a case that opens up to provide easy identification of the contents. And my goal is to convey my wisdom and knowledge in a way that is doable for the average person.
We are your resource for survival news, expert tips and advice, product reviews, events, survival products, and more. On the top there are 2 smaller compartments that you can put smaller items like otc meds tylenol,motrin,etc.

The main compartment is stuffed to the gills, so I chose to move some items out to the peripheral compartments in order to make room for a Mora knife. One potential problem I saw was the AA batteries were just rolling around loose in the bag. The stitching has not tore apart or anything like that.As soon as I use it a little more I will add another review. I would tape the ends to make sure they can't contact any conductive materials, and put them in a small plastic bag to protect the other contents in case they leak. I would recommend replacing this with a modern LED flashlight, with a preference toward long run time vs.
I might replace that with a metal whistle as well.As you can see, water purification supplies are conspicuously absent. I would add some purification tabs, some tea or other flavoring agent, and a steel cup that can be boiled in. You might be able to fit a wide mouthed steel bottle inside the bag by filling the bottle itself with some of the kit contents. Hat's can make you feel 15% warmer as people lose massive amounts of heat from their heads. As it comes from the store, there are several items you will have to add to it to make it complete from a 3 day survival standpoint.

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