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In multiplayer, the MP5 is available at level 1, in the default class "Spec Ops", and can be equipped with a Red Dot Sight, Silencer or ACOG Scope. The MP5 has a very fast raise time after sprinting, and the character's arms move faster when sprinting, unlike any other weapon. Delta Squad is an available air support option in the Survival Mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In the Survival Mode trailer, one can see that one of the Delta Squad members is named Sandman. The icon shows Delta Squad members with suppressed weapons, however, they do not use suppressors ingame. Riot Shield Squad is an air support option available in the Survival Mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If they are knocked down in close combat (by a dog or charging enemy) but rescued by the player, they will retain their MP5 but drop their shield. Riot Shield Squads are most useful when holding down areas where enemies come from few angles, as they can stay in the open, shooting enemies with their MP5 while soaking up tons of damage. The Riot Shield Squad are the only friendly NPCs to actually attempt to engage a Juggernaut in a melee combat by tackling the enemy to the ground and pulling out their handgun to shoot the enemy in the head; however, this attempt may fail and mean the death of the NPC.
Juggernauts can be killed by Riot Shield members if they are hit with MP5s or rammed to the ground with a Riot Shield. Riot Shield Squads are extremely effective at killing enemies at close range but can be surrounded and exposed if in an area with multiple positions where enemies can approach from. If the execution animation for the Riot Shield Squad is interrupted, the Squad member will continue to use his sidearm (Handgun) to eliminate hostiles in the area until none are seen.
Although the picture seen when buying the Riot Shield Squad shows them in olive-coloured outfits, in gameplay they are blue. The picture seen when buying the Riot Shield Squad uses the MP5 from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
The Riot Shield Squad's MP5 does not release the magazine when executing the reload animation even when the GIGN soldier reloads like any regular NPC (when they have lost their Riot Shield).
The Riot Shield Squad's shields do not break no matter how much damage is taken, but if the player picks up one of their shields up it will break after enough damage has been done to it.
When a Riot Shield Squad arrives, they will receive twenty seconds of spawn protection, meaning that they can survive massive amounts of damage.
HBRa3, IMR, Bal-27, ASM1, Tac-19, EM1, AMR9, SN6, KF5, Stinger M7, MDL, Atlas 45, MP-443 Grach, any weapon at his disposal or picked up. Nothing is really known about Mitchell's life before he joined the Marines and was sent to South Korea, other than that his father was a Marine and his best friend was Will Irons. Mitchell enlisted in the Marines with his best friend Will IronsĀ and, six months after enlisting, he and Will were deployed in Seoul, South Korea, as part of a large Marine force tasked with repelling a massive North Korean invasion. Whilst attending Will's funeral with Cormack, Mitchell was approached by Will's father, Jonathan Irons. Mitchell's first real assignment with Atlas was the rescue of Nigerian Prime Minister Samuel Abidoyo, from KVA forces led by an anti-western terrorist codenamed Hades. Soon afterward, nuclear power plants all around the world were stormed by massive KVA forces, and Atlas was assigned to retake the Vekron Pacific Power Plant in Seattle, Washington.
Four years later, Atlas has become the largest corporation in the world, due to its worldwide support of victims of the KVA attacks. Irons sends in a small Atlas team to assassinate Hades, despite strong opposition from the U.S. Back at the Atlas headquarters in New Baghdad, Mitchell and Gideon are informed by Ilona that the recording that Hades gave them actually depicts the technologist from Nigeria warning Jonathan Irons of the imminent KVA attacks on the nuclear reactors around the world, to which Irons responded by shooting and killing the technologist and keeping the warnings a secret in order to make a profit and gain power from the disastrous aftermath. Mitchell and Ilona join the Sentinel Task Force and assist Cormack and Knox in infiltrating Jonathan Irons' private estate in Bangkok, Thailand, to recover intel on a mysterious Atlas operation called "Manticore". Gideon then joins the Sentinel Task Force and lifts the lid on an Atlas factory in Bulgaria that is producing Manticore. After Irons' attack on the United States, Sentinel sends out a massive force to assault the Atlas headquarters in New Baghdad, Iraq.

The three are taken to an Atlas prison camp, where they meet Cormack who was recently captured.
The MP5 can be found frequently, being used by the Ultranationalists in the missions, "Blackout", "Hunted", "Safehouse", "One Shot, One Kill", "The Sins of the Father" and "No Fighting In The War Room". It is one of the more popular submachine guns inĀ multiplayer because of its low unlock level, relatively decent accuracy, and high damage at close range. A green triangle (the Delta Squad Logo) indicates that the player has a Delta Squad at their disposal. When a Riot Shield soldier loses his shield, he will move much faster and hide behind cover, very similarly to a Delta Squad soldier. Players won't need to guard them as much as Delta Squad soldiers, but should make sure to keep dogs away from them, as they can easily cause the Riot Shield soldier to lose their shield or die. If the Riot Shield soaks up too much damage at one time, the NPC will drop the shield and continue fighting without one, and when this occurs the NPC will have a higher chance of getting killed because he won't have much protection. He served in the United States Marine Corps before his best friend, Will Irons sacrificed himself to destroy a HAVOC launcher.
Under the command of Sergeant Cormack, Mitchell and Will's objective was to rendezvous with a demolitions team and assist them in destroying a North Korean gunship.
Irons offered Mitchell a job at his private military company Atlas, and although Cormack objected to the idea, Mitchell joined up and was given a "second chance" at a military career in the form of a high-tech prosthetic arm.
It soon became apparent that Hades was not targeting the Prime Minister, but a technologist who had been attending the same conference.
Mitchell, Gideon and Joker managed to push back KVA troops from the power station, but they were too late to stop the reactors from exploding, a fate that would be shared with every power station that the KVA attacked. Atlas now has bases in almost every country in the world and provides aid and shelter to the populaces. Mitchell and Ilona are determined to leave Atlas, but Irons arrives with Atlas soldiers and holds them in custody.
They find out that Manticore is a biological agent that does not affect the DNA of people on Atlas' databases.
Sentinel infiltrate the factory and destroy it before escaping in an experimental Atlas tank. Mitchell, Ilona, Cormack, Gideon, and Knox lead the attack and just as it looks like Sentinel have won the battle, Irons deploys Manticore and all Sentinel forces, including Knox, are wiped out instantly. Irons personally confronts Mitchell and Cormack and shoots Cormack in the leg before disabling Mitchell's prosthetic arm by smashing it with a socket wrench, rendering it useless. In "Shock and Awe", Pelayo uses an MP5 in her efforts to fend off Insurgents after her helicopter is downed and she is awaiting reinforcements. Carrying the M9 as a sidearm while using the MP5 will add extra ammunition to the reserve ammunition for both weapons, somewhat negating the need for Bandolier, because they share the same ammo pool. However the NPC is completely stationary when using the sidearm which can be detrimental to his survival.
After Will's death, his father Jonathan Irons offered Mitchell a job at the Atlas Corporation. During training, Mitchell became acquainted with and befriended Ilona, Gideon and Joker, some of Atlas' best operatives. Mitchell and Gideon rescue the technologist and take him back to Atlas headquarters on Jonathan Irons' command.
After these attacks, the world is sent into a state of chaos and disarray, with fifty thousand people getting killed and many more displaced. Mitchell, Gideon and Joker are stationed in the abandoned city of Detroit to find and capture Hades' right-hand man, Dr. Despite an initial ambush from KVA forces, the mission is successful and Mitchell kills Hades after a brutal melee.
A few months later, Jonathan Irons becomes an official member of the United Nations Security Council and delivers an intimidating speech to the United Nations and declares war on the governments of the world. Mitchell, Ilona, and Gideon are not affected because, as former employees of Atlas, their DNA is in the Atlas database and are thus inoculated, and Cormack was outside the attack's area of effect.

Outpost is a very tight knit map, best suited for Sub Machine Guns, Shotguns, and Machine Pistols, but it is possible to hit targets at long range with Sniper Rifles.
After twenty seconds of spawn protection, their health and execution chance will be normal.
He would become one of their top operatives, until he was betrayed by Irons himself, leading him to join Sentinel Task Force alongside his old squad leader, Cormack. Cormack, determined to complete the objective, ordered Mitchell and Will to secure the explosive charges and blow up the gunship themselves.
An unknown man contacts Mitchell through his communications and helps both Mitchell and Ilona escape, and although Gideon has a chance to stop them, but he and Joker deliberately let them go (with Gideon telling them "If you're wrong about Irons, I'll hunt you down myself"). Pierre Danois, is headed out for Argentina, but Sentinel manages to down the cargo plane over Antarctica and secure the cargo.
They are, however, captured by Atlas forces as Irons makes a victory speech to his soldiers and to the citizens of New Baghdad. During their escape, they learn that Irons intends to launch Manticore strikes against every major military base in the world.
Delta Squad Soldiers are most effective in positions with lots of cover, both direct and overhead, as they do not have health regen and Little Birds can quickly eliminate entire squads. Although they succeeded in their mission, Will's arm got stuck in an access panel on the side of the gunship and although Mitchell tried to save his best friend's life, the charges exploded with Will still on the ship. They find him hiding out in a hospital and take him back to Atlas headquarters for interrogation. During the process, Mitchell, Ilona and Cormack are captured by an Atlas squad under the command of Gideon, but Gideon betrays his Atlas comrades, saves the three and helps them recover a sample of the Manticore cargo.
After Mitchell, Ilona, Cormack, and Gideon escape from the camp, Cormack dies from his wounds. This weapon is usually better in close range combat, as its recoil can throw off one's aim at longer ranges. It isn't a good idea to move locations with a Delta Squad attached as they can easily be picked off while moving. A sharp piece of shrapnel from the explosion cut off Mitchell's left arm off after falling off the gunship. Ilona manages to get answers out of him and he indicates that Hades is in Santorini, Greece, meeting with his top financial advisers. Mitchell, Ilona and Gideon then swear to kill Irons and stop Manticore from being launched. Mitchell manages to escape the confines of his exoskeleton and catches up to Irons, and after a brief struggle atop the roof of the Atlas headquarters, Irons is left hanging onto Mitchell's limp prosthetic arm to save himself falling off the edge of the balcony. This, combined with its low damage at range, means that it is often futile to try and kill someone outside of medium range. As with the Riot Squads, they will follow either player, based on whoever is closest around. Cormack and Knox join them in the field and retake the carrier, repelling several attacking Atlas ships in the process.
Mitchell, unable to shake Irons off, severs his own prosthetic arm in order to let Irons fall to his death.
Delta Squads will act like single player AI (hiding and shooting behind cover, talking, coordinating, etc.).
Will apparently survived the initial blast, and was put on life support for a short period of time before he succumbed to his wounds. Gideon arrives in time to help Mitchell and as the two leave, Mitchell comments that Atlas is still at large and the real war has only just begun.

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