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This survival kit is made with one child in mind and contains enough supplies to survive up to three days.
Each kit contains one 3,600 calorie food bar as well as 3 days worth of purified drinking water. If you have any questions regarding the Premium Student Survival Kit, feel free to get in touch with Living Rational at 1-800-693-0279.
Nature Within is an online baby boutique specializing in organic baby skin care and bamboo baby sleepwear. As a newborn baby’s skin is 5 times thinner than an adult we have ensured our baby skincare is free from synthetic fragrances and essential oils making the range completely unscented which is best for baby’s skin. Looking for the perfect gift for the new arrival, Nature Within Beautiful Baby Gift Packs are the perfect start to baby’s skincare routine.
Cake Lingerie has created the ultimate collection of Maternity and Nursing Lingerie because every mother deserves the best! Night Nannies is a specialised service offering Mothercraft services in all aspects of postnatal care and Sleep Guidance. All women have the right to feel beautiful and to own gorgeous clothes that make us feel as fabulous as we should. Treating yourself well and looking beautiful isn’t dependent on what size dress you’re wearing.
We comb the world for the best designers creating beautiful, fashionable clothing specially designed to enhance plus sized figures.
Home Buddies is a FREE national online directory listing services for busy parents and their families.
Home Buddies can also conduct Police Checks and ‘Working with Children Checks’ to give you that extra peace of mind when employing home-help.
At Busy Mothers we are committed to supporting parents in the exciting and challenging task of managing a busy family, making family time count. Australia's leading provider of return-to-work training and career guidance services run by mums, just for mums. Located in Manly and Mosman, Mum’s can now stay maintained and be treated to many wonderful relaxation treatments. Simple and easy site for new parents, offering help with all aspects of baby care relating to the early weeks when baby first goes home. Total Learning has over 600 of the highest quality books, games & CD-Roms, with a strong emphasis on products for ‘little learners’.
At Identity Direct we provide over 500 personalised unique gifts and toys for the children, which feature your child’s name including clocks, growth charts, placemats, quilt set, lunch boxes, lunch bags and more, with 600,000 orders placed every year.Many of these products are based on Disney characters such as Cars, Princess, Fairies, Pooh etc. Activities4KIDS is an easy-to-use resource to find fun and exciting activities for KIDS and TEENS in the Greater Sydney area.
Kooky Kreations is an Australian online business specialising in ready-made themed fancy dress packs for children and adults, and sourcing costumes for parties and school concerts.Our gorgeous party packs come in themes such as island girls, pirates, indians, police, fireman, awards and more.
Picture the scene, the guys gathered around trying to decide who can cook the best steak while dukeing it out over who will win next year’s Super Bowl.
The Jag Grill BBQ Table ($2,500) will serve as your perfect base of BBQ operations with the hot summer months fast approaching. You’re stranded and can only bring one console to entertain you for the rest of eternity. Like many serious gamers I was ultimately disappointed by Wii; Nintendo released a slew of amazing titles that looked fantastic and played amazingly well, but the total amount of quality content was throttled by insufficient third party support, an all too common theme for Nintendo home consoles. Oh, and I realized I completely forgot two of the greatest franchises of all time; Zelda and Metroid.

I think the fact I nearly forgot two of the greatest, most acclaimed franchises of all time when constructing my argument is a true testament to the embarrassment of riches that is the Wii library. Lightweight and packaged in a convenient duffle bag, these kits are easy to store and transport.
The food and water supplies inside each have a shelf life of 5 years, making them ideal to keep on hand for years to come. With less time on our hands to manage a new baby, the kids, home, ourselves, renovations, work, buy clothes for the entire family, food, gifts,concert tickets and holidays, ONLINE SHOPPING is the 21st Century way of maximising your choices, while saving time!The world of online shopping is growing each year with a site for every product imaginable.
Inspired by old school glamour, our apparel is designed to make pregnant and breast feeding mothers feel special every day.
You will find useful links to all things premmie including clothing stores, support sites, birth stories, journeys through the NICU & much more. Subscribe to our newsletter and be in the monthly draw for a Home Buddies Active Pack (valued at $75).
You may be a working mum, a more mature professional, between permanent roles or perhaps a student.
Every Monday is Mothers Day at honey we have a fully qualified child carer and creche facility. It's widely accepted that in their first five years, children learn more than they will learn during their entire subsequent educational years and that early reading is the best indicator of a child’s future school success.
Sold exclusively through people who use our products with their own children, there can be no better recommendation for the educational benefits of the Total Learning range of products.
Every day parents search our directory for child care providers including nannies, au pairs, babysitters or child care centres – thousands of parents visit. We have also included kid’s favourite characters such as Dora, Sesame Street, SpongeBob, Spider-Man, Hannah Montana and High School Musical etc.We also offer the hugely successful My Adventure Book series where children are featured in their own personalised adventure stories. A good old BBQ is the perfect thing for male bonding, hell it has been going on since the Stone Age, so if it is good enough for Joe Caveman it is good enough for us.
This octagonal shaped cooking station features a huge grilling area and seating for all your friends, with each even getting a private grilling station. Because if something is good enough to keep you pleased for an eternity, you must really enjoy it.
Great modern games use brilliant technology to immerse players in beautiful, interesting worlds, and feature varied and polished gameplay, but I was raised on SNES and I definitely am a sucker for 16-bit nostalgia. Yes, most third parties made at least a handful of quality contributions to the Wii library, but I’d be a fool to deny that they generally saved their best efforts for Xbox 360 and PS3. Think about the variety, because if you are stuck in the same place for all eternity you are probably going to want plenty of options to pass the time.
Anybody familiar with my taste in gaming knows that I am a massive Zelda fan, and I honestly don’t feel I need to talk about it too much. Yes, the Wii had its problems over the years with inconsistent third party support and more shovelware than any console in history.
A life without Paper Mario 2, Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Zelda: Wind Waker, and F-Zero GX is not one worth living. The Premium Student Survival Kit is ideal for keeping on hand for emergencies including blackouts, natural disasters and more, and includes a wide array of basic essentials from food and water, to warmth & hygiene supplies, sleeping bags and more. Every kit comes packaged in a mini duffle bag, making them easy to carry during emergencies.
Be sure to browse our other kits including the Premium Boxed Student Survival Kit and the Deluxe Boxed Student Survival Kit for more options. Two years in the making, creative director Tracey Montford has tried and tested every element to reach the ultimate perfected designs for each piece, achieving great form and fit.

Great art, food, fashion, beauty, design, health, travel and business links, for women who want to stay informed. My question for you today is if you were stranded on a desert isle for the rest of your life and you could only have one console with you, which console would it be?
After some serious thought, though, the answer all of a sudden became surprisingly obvious– Wii.
So while Wii had some of the best games from this generation, the competition simply had more games that were at least as good or better. Let’s not forget about Virtual Console and backwards compatibility, because that gives Wii over 25 years of content to consider.
Of course we must also talk about shooters because they really are the dominant genre nowadays.
From the original game to Skyward Sword, the only thing missing are the handheld titles, and as great as they are I would be much more heartbroken to miss out on the console entries. And I don’t care what other consoles you hold near and dear to your heart, whether or not your favorite retro game never made it to Virtual Console, or even if you thought Spawn from the Xbox version of Soul Calibur II was better than Link, because there are simply way too many awesome options on Wii. Okay, do you want to start with Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Phantasy Star, Super Mario RPG, Ogre Battle 64, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Tales of Symphonia, The Last Story, or Xenoblade? If you simply cannot live without Call of Duty multiplayer or the epic scale of Battlefield 3 then you might be disappointed, but I’m a huge fan of Timesplitters 3 on GameCube, so I would be just fine. As for Metroid, it’s a similar situation, whether you prefer it in the Super flavor or the Prime variety. But then you realize that Wii gives gamers 25 years worth of variety, and a broad selection of some of the greatest games ever developed. Maybe you’re like me and started out with the SNES or are even more old school and have been around since the NES days.
In fact, Wii serves up the Prime games two ways– classic GameCube controls or Wii Remote at its absolute best. I honestly believe the last five or so years have been the best in gaming history with every console contributing absolutely fantastic titles. Swap gifts, business services, babysitting, little luxuries, household chores, family essentials, personal treats and so much more. Either way, all the great Nintendo titles are available on Virtual Console, and even a decent selection of third party titles have found their way there as well. Oh, and I suppose we can bring up platformers, even though I don’t really need to remind you just how thoroughly this base is covered. It would be tough to never have access to Mass Effect, Rock Band, BioShock: Infinite, Uncharted 2, or Persona 4 ever again, but Wii would let me revel in all the games that brought us to where we are today and that should be more than enough to pass a lifetime on a desert island. Even if you backed Sega in the early ’90s console wars you are taken care of because you can get Genesis and Master System titles.
First, there is every single Mario game made for consoles, the great Super Star Wars games, plenty of Kirby, and, quite literally, all the Sonic games that are actually worth playing… in fact I think Wii actually earns bonus points for never having played host to Sonic from 2006. Hell, if you’re running the Japanese Shop Channel you can even access MSX, and all I know about that system is that it had the original Metal Gear, which is available for download.

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