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About C Thomas Knives My mission is to make an original knife that looks good and performs great at a reasonable price. The bushcraft lifestyle is that of our ancient ancestors, the American Indian, the Bushman of the Kalahari and the Aborigines of Australia for example. Primitive camping and surviving the back country all utilize some of the skills of the bushcraft lifestyle.
Firecraft – Fire fulfills many needs such as warmth, cooking, signaling and psychological comfort. Foraging – Foraging for food and water in the wilderness requires several skills such as tracking, trapping, hunting, fishing, planting crops, knowledge of edible plants, finding water sources and treating water. Shelter Building – Having a shelter provides protection from the elements such as the sun, wind, rain, snow, hot & cold temperatures, insects and predators.
Use of Hand Tools – The ability to effectively use hand tools enables one to build, carve and construct several different projects.
First Aid – Primitive bushcrafters would use medicinal plants and potions for healing those in their tribe. There are several bushcrafting experts that teach the art and skill of bushcrafting and I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to attend one of these courses to do so.
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This entry was posted in Adventures, Education, Exploring Nature, Writer's Ramblings and tagged Adventure, Animals, Creation, Nature. Some say bushcraft is the knowledge of survival skills which is true to an extent but the true meaning of bushcraft is that it is a lifestyle utilizing survival skills to become one with nature and the environment. When you think of our ancient ancestors there were many skills required to maintain their lifestyle.

Food preparation and preserving food for long periods of time was also an essential foraging skill. In ancient times shelters were made from natural material such as branches, mud and animal skins. Modern bushcrafters learn to use a compass and a map along with the use of the stars, sun and moon.
Today’s bushcrafters have modern first aid kits and a good understanding of medicinal plants and treatments for wilderness first aid. Modern conveniences like electricity and appliances are nice but if for some reason they are no longer available how would you survive.
I seriously enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and will often come back someday. Even before all this info about Bear Grylls came out I was alyaws rolling my eyes when I watched Man vs Wild. National Park Ranger, Outdoor instructor, curriculum writer, teacher and guide at Mount St. That is the premise of the bushcraft lifestyle not to survive but to thrive in the wilderness. The art of firecraft requires the skill of making fire through several primitive methods such as rubbing sticks and striking rocks together. One shelter that provided good portability and protection from the elements was the tepee (tipi or laavu). Wood working and carving were not only hobbies but but a necessary skill for the wilderness.
Navigating the wilderness is essentially observation, recognition and mental noting of geographical features and relating those to a map.

He does so many things that one just does NOT do in any survival situation ( running down a rock slide, climbing sheer cliffs when there are other options, even if it adds an hour to your travel )where even a broken ankle could spell death. Modern bushcrafter’s will use a tarp, basha or hootchi to provide a means for temporary shelter.
Having the ability to navigate with a compass is essential in untracked or featureless terrain, or when dense forestation or low cloud reduces visibility. I watched Grylls ( in grizzly territory) scramble from his shelter to run through the woods in the dark of night supposedly because some large animal, possibly a bear was stalking around his camp. Then he stops to explain how well he can see in the dark as his eyes become adjusted to the darkness WHILE the woods around him are bleached out in light from his camera crew. Currently, she serves as outdoor education consultant for Allaso Ranch near Hawkins, Texas.
That same crew had to scamper through the woods in the dark with him to escape from that possible grizzly. Kim holds a bachelor of science degree in elementary education from University of Central Arkansas and a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Northern Illinois University. In that same episode, Bear almost tears up explaining that the toughest part is the solitude , that he’s got nobody to talk to for encouragement.

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