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What Is Bushcraft & The 5 Skills You’ll Need To Become The Best Bushman (Or Woman)Bushcraft Skills. Image SourceBushcraft may sound like a relatively new concept to some when, in fact, it is really more like the revival of indigenous knowledge, skills and a deep appreciation for our natural environment. Image SourcePart of the answer lies in the false claim that we live in the “free world.” But are we really free? Image SourceBushcraft entails a range of knowledge and abilities that are seemingly endless. Image SourceOne of the first things a great bush person needs to master is how to gather and assemble materials to create a suitable shelter. Our two-day and three-day outdoor skills courses span a range of specialist knowledge and skill-sets about how to survive in the wild.
Trailbreaker – This two-day introduction to bushcraft and wilderness survival skills provides a solid foundation for the study of wilderness living.
Axe Workshop – A weekend learning to use bushcraft knives and axes, the tools of the backwoods. Bowyer – Making a stone age flat bow with just an axe and a knife, the simplest of bushcraft tools. Bush Mechanics – This weekend course will teach you to develop a mindset of mechanical sympathy; helping those dependent on motor vehicles in remote areas to both reduce the chance of mechanical failure and find creative solutions to unexpected mechanical emergencies. When in a survival situation fire is one thing you must have to survive, whether for water purification, cooking game, much needed warmth, and much more. That about covers the basic techniques and equipment needed to make it through a short-term situation. Jerry Ward is the owner and operator of Ozark Mountain Preparedness, LLC located in Berryville, Arkansas. Blogging about all things survival and emergency preparedness, including experiences with DIY projects and ideas, gear reviews, living frugally, cooking in unconventional ways, and more! No, I’m not talking about beer making skills; I’m talking about crucial survival skills - and not the kind you develop while hosting a birthday party sleepover for seven 13 year olds.
Does getting up and rushing our children off to school on our way to work, where we spend the majority of our days, fighting our way through rush hour traffic congestion to pick up the kids from the sitters on the way home just in time to prepare dinner, help with homework, do some household chores and then go to bed and start all over again sound like freedom?Freedom - Just another WordThere is a mortgage and a list of other bills to pay. After all, living in a remote location away from modern day amenities essentially means you’ll be relying on yourself to do and be everything you need. Natural materials vary in all parts of the world, as will shelter materials and the weather elements the shelter will serve as a protection from. A true bush person will know how to survive by locating water and knowing different methods for purifying it to make it safe for consumption, sans the gadgets. One never knows what kind of circumstances they may be up against where serious care or medicine may be necessary. Carefully designed for maximising the transferral of skill and knowledge, these courses are suitable for both novice and experienced alike. The course program covers core wilderness survival skills in substantial depth, enabling the novice to firmly grasp fundamental bushcraft skill-sets, whilst exploring the secrets of wild-country travel and the natural world. This open water survival skill is an excellent way to stay afloat for long periods of time without a life jacket, even for a non-swimmer who is fully clothed. Our autumn course focuses on foraging for berries, nuts and fungi, whilst learning many methods and techniques to dress, skin, prepare and cook furred and feathered game meat. Learn to safely fell a tree, limb it, section it and split it, as well as how to make a busk-saw, maintain and repair your axe – from honing the blade to a razor finish to repairing a broken handle. This course is a complete introduction to bow-making – from wood selection, through to arrow making and then how to treat and shoot your new bow.

No part of this website may be reproduced, stored, introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording,or otherwise) without the prior written permission of Woodsmoke. So why not learn as many ways to start a fire just in case your matches, lighter, or other fire starting tools are lost or not working anymore. The inability to regulate core temp will lead to death through either hypothermia or hyperthermia. A medical emergency can happen at any time and may be the reason for the survival situation in the first place. It’s all fine and good to have a plentiful wood supply stacked neatly next to your roaring fire, a lake full of clear water and easy to catch fish, a veritable garden of edible plants, a picture perfect debris hut and tarp shelter, and be in good health with no injuries. Combining those skills and tidbits of gear with a positive mental attitude and a good knife ensures a high probability of coming home alive. He has been teaching survival skills since 2004 and opened Ozark Mountain Preparedness in 2010. Take a tour to better understand the many tools and resources you can find here as well as what to expect in the future.
Bushcraft is about real life nature skills that enable us to sustain a life using only our skills and what nature provides us.If you found yourself in a need to survive situation, would you be prepared? There are no Urgent Care clinics to go to, so you need to be prepared to sew up that wound and to identify and use plants to create medicine.So there you have a basic list of the skills you will need to be a bush master.
Specialist courses permit focused study, highlighting the importance and relevance of specific interest areas within the study of bushcraft. Learn a variety of trail cooking methods, backwoods techniques, expedition considerations and the forager’s kitchen recipes.
Without spending a lot of time on these conditions, suffice to say that a body temperature swing by roughly 10 degrees in either direction will kill you. Couple that with the usual bumps and knocks from living outdoors and can see why it is so important to prepare for injuries.
Before becoming a full-time survival skills instructor he worked as a rock climbing guide, wildland firefighter and gunsmith. Smoke can be spotted from the air quickly and orange smoke above a tree line will not be confused with campers . Not only do they find it exciting to learn how to scale back and live more simply and independently by relying on what they can find in nature, they also recognize that bushcraft skills offer the option of an entirely different way of life and not solely a means for survival.The Great EscapeBushcraft is a hobby and preparedness measure for some, but for others, it becomes such a passionate endeavor that it becomes their means of living. You are well outside of the Pizza Hut delivery range.First Aid and SafetyWhether in The Bush or anywhere else, it is highly recommended that everyone has basic first aid training skills. We won’t even try to fool ourselves into thinking that this small list is all inclusive of what it takes to survive and actually thrive living the bush life. Enhancing in-depth competency, these courses enjoy the atmosphere of the out-door campfire classroom, whilst benefiting from the relevance of in-situ learning. We will take time out from the hectic pace of modern living to enjoy the time honoured and rewarding activities of foraging and cooking in the open air. You need to have the means to signal for help and let people know you would like a little help getting out of the predicament you are currently in.
There was no talk in depth talk about knives, dangerous wildlife, seasonal weather patterns, navigation, xyz gizmo whizbang gear, etc. So, why would anyone with all the luxuries of the “free” and developed world want to just walk away from it all and live with nearly nothing, out in the woods?
Avoid areas on ridges and in canyons due to weather conditions such as lightning and flash flooding.
Most pre-packaged first aid kits are basically just a few adhesive bandages, some tape, and a packet or two of pain reliever.

Don’t fret because this is just the first of many articles to come in which I’ll delve deeper into the many facets of survival and bushcraft; from foraging for wild edibles to brain tanning hides.
Skip them and assemble your own using high quality components and tools that will actually perform should the need arise. I’ll discuss the good and bad of certain pieces of equipment, fire by friction, land navigation techniques, flint knapping, water procurement and purification, and other topics of interest to folks looking to lead a more self-reliant and prepared lifestyle.
His outdoor pursuits have taken him all around the United States and abroad, including fur trapping in Alaska, fighting wildfire in the American West, researching primitive cultures in the Desert Southwest, trekking the rainforests of Belize, and exploring the Highlands of Scotland.
In years past, one could choose to embrace and use it, but even that option is becoming extinct. Choose the geographical aspect that will offer you the appropriate temperatures for the season. First aid supplies to treat trauma and deal with the everyday injuries of blisters, sprains, minor cuts, burns, etc. Spreading your collection of gear out around the camp will also draw attention to your location. He has been featured in numerous publications, including Currents and American Survival Guide magazines.
Cell phones were at one time a matter of preference; now if you don’t have or use a cell phone people look at you like you like you’ve been lost in the forest for years. South facing slopes offer more sunshine and warmth whereas the north face tends to be shadier and cooler.
It was once common knowledge that anything in a cluster of three meant “Help”, but not so many people adhere to that practice anymore.
Jerry is a member of The Wilderness Medical Society and The Society of Primitive Technology.
Adding a large trash bag, USGI poncho, space blanket, or small tarp to your kit will go a long way in getting you out of the elements. Don’t forget to add prescription medications if there is anyone in your party that requires them.
Give it a try though because the aviation and marine communities are still packed with the proverbial old guys who abide by those standards.
If you are dead set on purchasing a premade kit, there are a few outfits that specialize in backcountry medicine and offer quality kits tailored to emergencies in the field. If you are unprepared or have the inclination, constructing a debris hut, wikiup, or leanto is an option. In conjunction with a quality first aid kit, I highly recommend seeking professional wilderness medical training. These shelters rely on natural material for the structure and the thermal insulation needed to regulate body temperature.
There are several national organizations that offer courses in wilderness medicine and nationally recognized certifications. Whatever shelter system you choose, ensure that it will be effective in staving off the wind, rain, intense sun, and other weather phenomena that can compromise life.

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