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Fertilizer packaging requirements usually demand high quality graphics and durable polyethylene film suitable to cope with the rigors of retail and consumer handling so product arrives at home ready to use with mishap. AusPrinters are able to supply product in both rewind and finished bag form, printed in up to 8 colours, covering a large range of sizes suitable for packaging and sale at retail level.
We have extensive experience in this area of packaging and would be happy to assist you in working out the best format for you product and needs.
It seems that retailers are not only trying to get in our wallets, they're trying to find their way there through our phones. Apparently Amazon has gone retro and incorporates the use of human intelligence -- Amazon Mechanical Turk. This feature could make comparison shopping between bricks and clicks while in the store that much easier. Bottom line: It's a free app, but honestly Amazon's mobile site does most everything better. What it is: Target's Christmas Wrapped Gift Globe is a gift-idea generator and shopping tool.

What sizzles: It's kind of a clever way to put your product in the hands of willing potential customers.
The experimental feature Amazon Remembers, which lets you upload photos of objects to see if the e-tailer sells them, may just prove Shazam-cool for shopping. In this era of technological dependence, it's downright radical to integrate actual human beings into the research and matching process. On the Web, Amazon sells digital tracks that are sometimes cheaper than on iTunes -- and they are MP3s, not copy-protected AAC files.
That said, Amazon Remembers just may be worth the effort it takes to download it and make space on your device -- and worth watching how the turks manage should the app take off. Simply shake your iPhone (it's got a built-in accelerometer, after all) to get suggestions for the gender and age range selected. Generally, people who actively download the app are more inclined to want to buy something from Target. If you decide you want to go old-school and, say, drive to the Target store to buy the item, you just type in a preferred ZIP Code and get a list of which nearby stores have it available.

Using my iPhone, I snapped a couple of pictures of items at my desk (an external hard drive, a KVM switch and a purple Prada handbag), thinking they might not be clear enough to make out brand names.
The iPhone has the ability to download music over Wi-Fi via iTunes, but this application is, after all, made to run on an Apple product.
So, I'm guessing there's no hope of ever being able to buy music downloads from Amazon on the iPhone and iPod Touch.
The app may suggest that a 26- to 35-year-old male would want to unwrap a power drill, MP3 player or exercise equipment. If you're trying to get me to buy from you, sell it to me by making the process as easy and user-friendly as possible.

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