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A lot of fans and industry professionals talk about bringing in new readers to comics, but the truth is a lot of that is just talk. Salcedo explains the project as: Comics without words for the little ones, so they can tell their own version of the comic, and at the same time introduce them to this amazing world of comics.
Comics being used to educate children, introduce them to technology and comic books and done in a way that transcends any one language. While the full trailer for Denis Villeneuve‘s Arrival does not see release until August 18th, Paramount Pictures has unveiled a pretty effective teaser. With the Suicide Squad hitting theaters today, DC has not forgotten about the comics that they came from.

YouTube Red joined the major networks and cable outlets at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour with their first presentation.
Everyone wants more readers but very few take the time and effort to do something about it. It features stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker as they enter an alien craft and await the arrival of visitors to planet Earth. This Christmas finds him working outdoors, facing ghosts of Christmas past and NSFW tidings of joy. In this latest video from DC All-Access, they take a look at the top 10 Suicide Squad Moments from the comics.

The subscription service offers ad-free access to YouTube’s various channels and a special tier of content reserved for paying subscribers.
Like previous first look videos in the DC Universe Animated line, it features cast and crew interviews, early animation tests and some completed footage to whet the appetites of those already interested in the range’s next release. He was the artist on Chee – the story of a South American dictator who was also a Chehuahua.

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