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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The big day is slowly approaching – the day when you and your soul mate say “I do” and start your new life together as husband and wife. We all know that bachelorette parties can get a bit rowdy, but handing out some crucial essentials will help your group of gals make it into work on Monday.
If you were never one to color in the lines, then leave the creative stuff to the professionals.
Once you have the perfect packaging, it’s time to think about the goodies to put inside. Show us what bachelorette party survival kits you give out, using #RealBachelorettes on Instagram and Twitter! Putting together your own kit is super easy, and you don’t have to restock it every wedding. Hold a pre-wedding meeting with the couple, a week or so before the big day, to finalize the entire wedding day timeline. Also confirm all venue addresses, and have multiple contact numbers to reach the bride and groom.
Make sure this information is easily accesible at any time, and not stored solely online in emails or a client management service.
Do not rely on memory, or “We’ll just figure it out on the day of” when it comes to family formals.
It might be cool and high tech to have it on your iPhone, but someone will invariably want to see it, and then it’s awkward if they have to try to scroll through your phone.
The list will make sure you get photos with everyone who was supposed to be photographed, at the designated family formal time. Being able to just rocket down the list shot by shot let’s you get through the formals mega quick, which everyone appreciates. Then, make sure to actually have the list on you when it comes time for family formals, instead of in the car. It’s pretty much a law that tiny scissors will be needed at some point at every single wedding. The sticky roller brushes work really well—better than the traditional lint brushes that just don’t seem to hold up well on suit and dress material. Your bride and groom will usually forget to eat, and if they get really hungry, the portraits might be a bit stressful.
Weddings often mean early breakfasts, no lunch, and late dinners for photographers, so you’re going to need some serious fuel to keep busting your butt all day. Having a pack of face wipes is great for freshening up before the reception, especially after a couple hours out in the sun shooting the portraits. You’ll want to keep enough umbrellas in your car to cover you, and the bridal party (at least a medium sized party).

The ultimate are the clear umbrellas, which let through light, and you can shoot through and around them a lot easier. It’s worth having a nice pen at hand for the times when the couple is about to sign their marriage certificate with a Bic.
A small sewing kit, safety pins, bobby pins, bandaids, breath mints, hair spray, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, and a small mirror are all super useful. Obviously there is a LOT of stuff on the list, and you’re not going to want to lug it around with you all day.
Want to see how quick and easy it is to make stunning edits to your photos using Lightroom?
As for what I wore, I went with a pair of black dress pants, a black blouse and a black vest. I also keep a small tool case in my car (basic hammer, nails, screwdrivers…) that I had to use once. You can pick up a basic tool case from Lowe’s or Home Depot that has 20+ tools in it for around $20. Although I’m almost 100% non-wedding, I keep Smarties in my bag for kids, big and small.
We’re loving this neon bachelorette party survival kit from Harmony Creative, available on Etsy. Mini bottles of bubbly are perfect for pre-games, and bright nail polish and hair ties will help you primp for the bride’s big night out.
Make sure your girls are armed with breath mints if they meet a special someone, band aids if they take a fall on the dance floor, and Advil for the next morning.
As the photographer, you will be spending more time with the bride and groom than anyone else, so you are pretty likely to be in the epicenter of any and all hiccups that come along. Head to your local box store once a year, load up on all these goodies, and look like a hero for the rest of the season. They probably won’t have their cell phones with them, so it will likely be the numbers for the maid of honor and best man. If you have to wait for someone who didn’t know they needed to be there (because there wasn’t a list!!!), you’ll lose a lot of time.
Create a shortlist that you normally shoot for every wedding, and give it to the bride and groom in advance. You can get yourself a Swiss Card, which is a neat credit card sized gadget that has scissors, a knife, an LED, and a magnifying glass. The mini roller brushes from Ikea are the perfect size for your camera bag, and help to ensure you don’t have to Photoshop out a ton of distrating lint!
Pro Tip: Pre-program in the locations you need to visit (hotels, churches, photography location, reception location) the night before the wedding, so that on the day  you just need to select from recent locations.
We’ve had cameras go down on multiple occasions during weddings (broken shutters, detached mirrors, and the always fun “Err 99” message!).

We have 8 black ones, which aren’t the greatest to shoot with (they really darken things up) but at least they work out ok with whatever the bridal party is wearing. Here’s some suggestions for what’s important enough to be in your bag at all times, and what can be kept in the car, just in case. Some say I pack more for emergencies than my actual gear, but it is a relief to my clients when I can instantly say that I have it. I was pretty boring with what I wore, and went with all black since I would be lying on the ground and such during the day, and didn't want to come to the reception with grass stains! We like it so much, in fact, that we want to help other people do it, so they can be super happy too.
So, as the bride or the helpful bridesmaid, be prepared even for those accidents, with the help of these Top 10 wedding emergency kits.
Bonus- check out how to make cute survival kits to hold these goodies over on The Budget Savvy Bride.
When you’re able to step in and save the day with a pair of scissors or a Tide-to-Go pen, you’ll immediately win 100 awesome points in your clients’ eyes. To join, just put your name and email in the form below, and you’ll be sent access to get this goodie!
Everyone is there, and you won’t have to worry about folks getting lost, deciding to stop for food, or having too much fun at the reception to step out for formals. Ok, it was from a squished mosquito, but either way, we got our 100 extra awesome points that day. Hydration is insanely important on a wedding day—the well known “hangover” that many photographers feel the next day is often caused by dehydration, so drink lots of water! I’m downright obsessed with photography, and love sharing it with super cool folks like yourself. Don’t be the photographer who takes an extra hour with portraits, and causes the reception to start late.
Let them know that each additional grouping will take roughly 5 minutes (or however long it takes you).
When I’m not shooting, or writing, you can find me cooking (and eating!), traveling, and hanging out with wonderful people.
They’ll be able to figure out how much time they want to spend on formals, and figure out the number of groups. If you can bring enough for the entire bridal party, you’ll definitely get on their good side too!

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