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Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) is an outdoor school that teaches primitive survival skills and desert camping techniques in Utah’s high desert.
When I heard about the course I thought that it would be a unique challenge and a perfect graduation gift for my brother.
We went on a seven day course in late May when the daytime temperature averaged in the high eighties and plummeted to the low forties at night. You don't have to be ultrarich to score an irresistibly charming beach cottage this summer.
See a completely different side of a city when you break away from the mob of tourists following the guide with the red umbrella.
My thanks to those who have contacted us since I sent our first invitation to you a few days ago.

BOSS is renowned for its methods in teaching people to do more with less and to appreciate the wilderness. We spent the first two days hiking through sage and slick rock, carrying very little on our back and foraging for food and water. It’s encouraging to know some are still considering joining us on the trail at BOSS this summer.
Mid way through the course we developed several skills like fire making, chord making, trapping and orienteering. When it came time to go on our solo hikes at the end of the course we felt confident in applying our new skills. And yet more than a few people have expressed a desire to be with us if only they had the funds available this year.
Solo was a life changing experience because I was on my own with just my thoughts and new primitive skill set.

Something resonates in a person when you use Earth’s natural resources to survive; to live.
I realized how dependent I was on material goods and how I had succumbed to society’s pressures. The best takeaway for me was that I know how it feels to be liberated from society and carry on in a simpler life.
As I said in my last email, this is a year of rebuilding and re-investment, and I’m hopeful that BOSS can play a role in giving adventurous souls an experience that makes them stronger, better people who appreciate the natural world and its beauty even more.

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