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14.02.2014 admin
For our Virtual Book Club activity we decided to make our own Gruffalos with this Gruffalo Roll game!  I drew this up myself (can you tell? Also check out Crafty Moms Share for a chance to win the book The Gruffalo AND The Gruffalo's child!
If you’d like to participate in the Virtual Book Club, just follow these simple steps!

Went shopping on these streets many times in the 1960's, was happy to see when visiting in 2012 that not much has changed.
I am writing this on behalf of my husband Tim Langridge (he doesn't do computers) He moved to High Wycombe in 1945 his father had a Dairy in Mill End Road. Come back  and share it with us!  The blog hop will be live for 3 weeks so share anytime in those 3 weeks!

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