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There are many, many other books out there that have a reputation for changing lives including Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, Handbook to Higher Consciousness, Atlas Shrugged , A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Lord of the Rings and Black Boy to name a few. It helps me in running my business more succesfully and builds me as a successful person in lot more ways.
Although I am also an advocate of proper grammar, you just committed a logical fallacy by dismissing the entire argument because of one error. I think the barrage of technology- internet, video games, ipods…have numbed kids today towards picking up a real book and reading. Same here, Jess, going to the movies or buying one is expensive, and libraries supply free hours of entertainment. As a publisher of self-help books, nothing warms my heart more on this cold, grey November day than reading your post.
One of the books that changed my life, and it was introduced by a close family member, is called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.
In 1987, while I was finishing my Masters degree, a faculty member shared with me how he reads a book and saves time. I do twenty pages a day, five days a week, which allows me to read at least two books a month. When starting a book, read the front matter thoroughly—the introduction, preface, foreword, table of contents. I have made up a set of note-taking symbols I can use to save space and time when I   write down my own thoughts in the margins.
I have found the more I talk about the ideas in a book, the more I am able to keep them in my own mind. I have found great books are full of ways for me to change the way I live, lead and communicate.  So, I will transfer the great stuff (action items) to my “to do” list or to  a piece I am writing.
Tim, thank you for these tips on not only reading more, but getting more from what we read!
This past year, I followed the lead of one of our clients, Adam Faurot of Titus Sports in Tallahassee, FL who used it to tackle a special reading project, reading the Bible.
Being able to break a large goal down into manageable, daily chunks is an invaluable skill.
If you're like most of our readers, you're committed to preparing the emerging generation for real-life opportunities and challenges. I'm Ericka -- New mom, runner, CrossFitter, writer, social media lover, living my life as balanced and joyfully as possible in Indianapolis, Indiana. I currently have at least four or five books going that will be multi-month, maybe even multi-year, reading projects.
Gospel Evidences of Saving Faith by John Owen (Edited and modernized, with a preface by Brian G.
One of the church's greatest privileges and responsibilities is ministering to children. John Calvin, the sixteenth-century Reformer of Geneva, is probably talked about more often than he is read. One of my heroes is Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the famous Baptist pastor of nineteenth century London.
Trinitarian Spirituality: John Owen and the Doctrine of God in Western Devotion by Brian K. It made me aware of my own Jewishness, which in turn led me a spiritual path back to traditional Judaism. This really helped me out a lot ’cause I honestly started to think that movies actually have some advantages over books. This book has changed my perspective of life, but not only my life, it has taught me that i’m not my Thoughts (The Ego), and has made me a mindful person.
But it might be more credible if the first sentence didn’t include a mistake that disproves the effects of reasons 2 and 18.
This will inform me about their perspective and their heart and their intent on writing the book.

Once you are very familiar with the author’s thinking, read the first two and the last two pages of each chapter.
I will use stars, triangles, dots, question marks, or even a ballot box if the content requires a decision or action. I like the David Mays idea – I think the highlight feature in Kindle or iBooks would make that process a lot faster!
Congrats being able to read through the entire Bible – that’s definitely an accomplishment!
But the truth is, you struggle with understanding why today's young adults think and act the way they do. Appetites by Caroline KnappCaroline Knapp only got out three books before she died of lung cancer in her early 40s. These will vary from person to person, but most of us spend too much time watching TV, browsing the internet, and managing e-mail. If you’ve found a book that made a major change in how you work, live or love, please tell us about it in the comments below.
As a novelist myself, I feel nothing is more important than to educate my readers in a friendly way to see the world from different viewpoints. Before reading this book my best friend was killed walking on a sidewalk by a drunk driver; i was in the deepest depths of despair and i thought i was going crazy. Each January, I take a day to completely get away and decide what my plan for personal growth is; then I choose books that are suitable to be part of that plan.
It allows us to hold each other accountable for our growth, our reading, our health, our work, etc. Each book flows from the author’s character and since you’ll be spending some time with her or him—it’s good to know them. Our Growing Leaders team has a book club, where team members take turns sharing brief reports on what they’ve read the last month. I can imagine doing it manually would be time-consuming but a great way to have all the best content available for review later. That's exactly why I wrote our new ebook, 7 Generation Z Statistics Every Adult Should Know.There's only one way to get it—by subscribing to our free email newsletter. MoehringerDidn’t have high hopes for this one when I started it but by the time I ended it, it had become a favorite. I’ve already read The Hunger Games and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so scratch those ?? I’m always look for new suggestions and I love memoirs! My problem is not that I lack good books (I have way more than I need), but that I lack the discipline and determination to read them. So, I keep my place marked and whittle away an hour or two at a time, once or twice a month.
All information should be titled (you may use more than one title and file it in more than one place).
Thanks for sharing the idea about keeping your book reviews on your Kindle – that’s a great way to have the info handy whenever you want to share it with someone else!
The writing is wild and fantastic, the characters so out of the ordinary you can’t help but be enveloped by them. I have not only learned to be in control of my own fate, but i have become a very Spiritual Human Being. Sittenfeld is one of those authors who can just climb into your mind make you think she’s read your diary. It’s the beautiful kind of writing that articulates emotions and circumstances in such prolific ways that you are mesmerized.
Perhaps I appreciated this book because the author was a journalist and writing this memoir was something he’d been trying to do for years.
I was skeptical of Weiner, just because sometimes chick lit is so sickeningly syrupy that I can’t even get through it. This journey would be a dream to me and at least once a week, I think about eating the pizza that Liz ate in Italy.

What has worked for you in consistently plowing through books?” This is a good question, so I decided to turn the answer into a blog post. These will enhance our overall productivity, including our ability to concentrate when reading.
Other good book such as Daniel Goleman’s Emotional intellgence, Social Intellgence, and Destructive Emotions With the Dalai Lamma. Remember when she writes about eating at the best pizza place in Naples, which has the best pizza in Italy, which has the best pizza of any country — meaning she was eating literally the best pizza in the entire world?
For some books, the goal shouldn’t be to finish the book, but to learn as much as you can. I’m seeing trends here in this list, loving books that are about writers and such is the case. Before I was in full-time ministry (or had children!) I managed to read around 30-35 books a year. I usually focus on whichever book is most interesting to me and try to read a chapter or two a day until I’m finished.
I have also Studied for the Asvab (Military Entance Exam), and the Sat ( College Entrance exam), and i now realize that i can become anything i put my imagination too, now all i have to do is make a Decsion, but there is so many choices.
But it’s also about finding out who you are beneath the facade and triumphing in your own despite all the crap.
In a different way, this book showed me I wasn’t alone in my inadequacies, fears and misunderstandings about my body, my mind, my food, my failures. In this book, Cannie is a journalist and she’s lovable precisely because she’s imperfect!
If a book really grabs me, I’ll sometimes read more in a day, devoting several hours at a time to it. It taught me to love people on who they are and what they stand for instead of what they look like and what they like.
I hope i have Enlighted anybody who read this comment, and remeber you can become anything and go anywhere and the possibility’s of the imagination is limitless. And these books have benefited me far more than dozens of others I’ve read put together.
There are pages and paragraphs in this book that describe me better than I could ever describe myself. Despite reading the book the came of the whole story, he writes in a way that makes you wonder if the book will ever actually happen. While some of Liz’s experiences are little too new agey or whatever for me, I enjoy her writing style and personality. After reading it, I had a real appreciate for the classic, old timey bars of America, the characters that inhabit them, and the way strangers become family. Summer Sisters by Judy BlumeI read this oh so long ago and have literally read it 4-5 times total. I enjoyed living the journey through her because well, I’ll probably never have a chance to just take a year off work and travel the world for personal fulfillment. But, I had to go with Poisonwood just because it’s so big and meaningful and beautiful. It follows one missionary family through decades of turmoil in the troubled African country. I’m not sure this is one that everyone would like but hearty readers and lovers of Africa will fall in love.

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