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Preparation and knowledge of what to do will be imperative on your journey to survival – but most importantly… don’t get chowed!
Native American Symbols 11x17" Poster - Native Americans left their mark all over the United states in petroglyphs, pottery, jewelry, and more.
The South African Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide will give you the upper hand when the dead start roaming your neighbourhood. The symbols in their art often had particular meanings, to themselves, and those that might view it later. I scoured the Campfire Chic archives for the top tips from previous blog posts…and it looks like there are about 97 of them!

It will also make it easier to clear out your car at the trailhead if you’re in bear country.
Learn everything you need to know about how to kill a zombie, which weapons to use, and where to go when the rotting carcasses hit the fan. Many symbols represent specific ideas or things, which were often related to their culture or religious beliefs.
We are heading out in June and going to be car camping and tent camping, visiting as many National Parks as we can!
The posts I share encourage readers to take risks and try new things, like camping, rock climbing, and yoga, while maintaining their current interests and responsibilities.

Campfire Chic is about accepting challenges, setting achievable goals, and documenting the journey toward the finish line.

Antipatterns the survival guide online
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Rubric: First Aid Advice


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