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Thermal heat blankets will reflect radiate heat back onto your body so always have at least two with you. Fire starting materials such as a magnesium stick and Ferro Rod have dry tinder with you because wood may be damp or wet in snowy regions. Drinking water and remember your thirst trigger will not work in cold weather so you must drink water even if you do not have thirst.
An ancient form of writing gets new life in an activity designed to help your child read, and write Native American pictographs and better understand what life was like back then.
When he’s finished writing, your child may want to add color to his pictograph sentences using colored pencils over the penciled drawings. Have your child think of a person, place, kind of weather, or emotion that is important in his own life.
Anyone who lives in the Northwest, Seattle especially, will get a kick out of this hilarious book! When it is a choice between becoming bear lunch or being a proactive self-defender, choose to protect yourself.   Don’t be lunch!
There are several makes and models of bear repellents but two of the most popular are Mace Bear Spray and Guard Alaska®. Mace Bear Spray is a safe, humane pepper Mace bear spray.  The powerful magnum fogger delivers an extreme blast that may reach up to 30 feet.
Guard Alaska® Bear spray is an ultra-hot pepper spray proven so effective at repelling bears, it is the only one registered with the EPA as a repellent for all species of bear! Then you're gonna love my free PDF, 20 common survival items, 20 uncommon survival uses for each.
Any self defense spray which uses Capsicum as it’s main ingredient will be equally effective against any critter with mucos membranes. Various studies I have read indicate that bear spray is at least 90% (up to 98% in one study) effective at thwarting a bear attack.
Article about: Hi guys I wanted to start a thread where people would post pictures of any uniforms that they had that were worn by any combat members in the german army.
Anyone wanna post pictures, im actually trying to have a reference guide from this psot, so it would be helpful if you could just post a pic of a tunic that you own that was worn by a member of any fighting force in germany at the time who saw action.
Now is a good time to go out and flag the following six trees before the leaves drop (except the pine). A fine tea can be made from the small twigs at the end of a branch or by shaving the bark from new growth. The American basswood (also called American linden) is a very common tree – especially in the Eastern U.S.
The lower, dry, dead branches of the pine tree (squaw wood) is often some of the driest fire kindling available. The sugar maple is one of my favorite trees and probably one of the most popular in the Eastern woodlands.
In spring and summer, willow bark will peel away from the wood and makes excellent cordage that can be used for a huge variety of tasks.
Young willow branches and saplings are very flexible and can be used to weave a variety of different baskets and funnel traps. Feel free to list other uses for these trees that I may have overlooked in the comments below! The flowers of the Basswood ( American linden, Tilia cordata) are also very sweet and tasty.
ALL of the trees listed grow in MN, so I would also assume other upper-Midwest states: WI, ND, IA at least. Chickens will eat privet fruit (okay, it’s a shrub not a tree) and their fruit can overwinter on the shrub.
The paper birch is found in southern MD, we used to go to a beach off the Potomac (or Patuxent) River and they were all over there.
Except for the pine and oak, I have the rest of them in my backyard in upstate NY.I spent 20 years in Florida and I know the oak and pine well. Great article but I would be tempted to replace White Pine and Sugar Maple with Balsam Fir and Cedar. I didn't realize all of the edibles there are in these trees.Excellent information,thank you !

Wool is the best cold weather insulator because even when wet it will retain up to 80 percent of its insulating qualities. Large blood vessels are located in these areas that carry warm blood to help warm your extremities. Your body will lose fluids by breathing which is evident by the fact you can see your breath, which is evaporated body fluids, and by urination and digestion of foods.
Carry extra socks and change often because they will become damp from your feet sweating it is important you keep your feet dry. He could make up some new pictographs for one or several of these words, and sketch them on his paper.
If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account. Worried you're going to spend yet another winter overeating, catching colds, and feeling depressed?
Also because the illustrations are awesome.The second half is a bit more serious than the first half, which was disappointing. This will also subscribe you to my newsletter so you stay up-to-date with everything: new articles, ebooks, products and more!
If these folks that deal with wild animals say that bear spray is more effective than firearms, I believe them. One being Iron Cross 1st Class (with screwback hole) and another on right breast pocket (Spanish Cross? The sycamore tree also has white bark, but it does not sluff off in thin, paper-like furls like the white birch. The fungus is one of the only natural materials I know of that will take the spark from flint and steel. It is soft and makes a perfect friction fire wood for bow drill spindles and hearthboards and for hand drill hearthboards.
It is exposed to the wind and also protected from the elements by the year-round needle canopy above,  I’ve also used these branches for making bow drill fire friction sets. I’ve used it as an antiseptic wash before and have heard of it being used to quell diarrhea.
Its beauty is on full display when the leaves change each fall into bursts of red, orange and yellow. Whether it’s a spit roast, a hot dog stick or utensils, I can always find a maple branch suitable for the task. Just split the base into 4 equal sections, press a rock to the bottom of the splits and sharpen the tines. Don’t know how common sycamore is in US but it burns great and is an excellent wood for making the bow drill. The flowers are produced in early summer and can be eaten right off the tree (making sure there aren’t pollinators still on them. I have no access to anything on the list except for willows that have been planted … Too wet for Oaks locally though there are places within the state they exist. Avoid sleeping with your socks on if you have a sleeping bag because your socks will be damp and that will chill your feet.
Don't move to Los Angeles or check yourself into a sanatorium just yet, because darling, we're here to help. But the general consensus is that it's locally published (Sasquatch Books) and it's funny and you should read it. But, personally, I feel that it is foolish to go into any wilderness environment without a gun. The sycamore also has large hand-shaped leaves versus the white birch’s smaller, oval-shaped leaves with a pointed tip. A piece of tinder fungus along with flint and pyrite to create sparks were even found on Otzi, the “iceman” who was uncovered in the Austrian Alps several years ago. It likes to grow several shoots from the base so it’s not uncommon to see the basswood growing in what appears to be clumps. I like white oak acorns better because it seems they are less bitter and it takes less effort to leach out the tannic acid (which causes this bitterness) to become more palatable. Maple branches naturally have a lot of forks, which is great for pot holders and other wilderness kitchen uses.

Clothing can be considered shelter, as well as a tree or heavy foliage that breaks the wind. If you are in a clearing and the snow is not deep enough for a cave, or you do not want one, you can build walls and lay your poncho or thermal blanket over the top.
Your objective is to prevent sweating by layering clothes and building an adequate shelter and getting a fire started.
She has a substitute teaching credential for grades K-12 in Oregon, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.
Read Don't Jump to find out whether you're a Prisoner of Weather (POW) and discover how the whipped cream on your mocha can forecast the weather better than any hack on TV. Original zelt, belt, kar98 puches, y-strap, canteen, mess-tin, breadbag, hopefully original m43 pants, repro gaiters and low ankle boots, and an m38 gas mask.
Basswood trees have large, heart-shaped, coarsely toothed leaves and dark red young leaf buds. Evergreen trees keep some green leaves year-round, unlike deciduous trees, and have needle-like leaves. An abundance of acorns in mid-summer makes the oak family almost impossible to misidentify. Live Canyon oak are not edible in the West (as far as I know), but you can eat the acorns (after processing). However, these are temporary measures and would not be considered adequate shelters to survive the night in cold temperatures. If you perspire from exertion in cold temperatures, the evaporation of the moisture will cool your body.
Heat always conducts from warm to cold so your objective is to keep your body heat contained next to your body by the proper clothing and shelter. Dig down to bare ground, and pile the snow up along the sides and build your fire so it can reflect off the covering on to you inside. Soon you too will be asking your loved ones the all-important question: why give me a bathrobe when you can get me a Dawn Simulator? One of the most distinctive features of the basswood is what I call the “tongue.” A tongue-shaped leaf grows at the base of the regular heart-shaped leaves on mature trees. It is important you know how to regulate your body temperature by layering your clothes to prevent sweating. The inside of a snow cave be as much as 20 degrees warmer than the outside air even without a fire. Hard, little, nut-like fruits dangle from the center of this “tongue” leaf throughout the summer.
I have many white oaks at Willow Haven that are over 100 feet tall and easily 3-4 feet in diameter.
However, if you do sweat and you are wearing wool it will wick the moisture away preventing evaporation from cooling your body.
For your area, no matter where you live, ask the forest rangers, the botanists in the universities, and any naturalist in the area. I cannot say where I read it, but recently I viewed an article that stated people are mauled by bears because they fear the legal repercussions of killing wildlife. They hesitate, or neglect to fire, because the fine or potential jail sentence comes to mind before the consequences of NOT using deadly force. With that said, I also believe that God gave man domain over all the creatures of the earth. Imagine losing your father or brother because some left-wing-loon values a soul-less tree more than your loved one. But, that mentality is a driving force for many to advise using bear spray instead of a gun.

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