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December 8, 2015 by Jim Acosta 2 Comments We’re all familiar with how Police and Fire Departments respond to a car accident here, or a house fire there. In the chaotic first hours of a disaster, the staff on shift are overwhelmed; 911 centers try to keep up with the volume of calls, supervisors try to call in as much off-duty personnel as possible, but in most disasters there is a period of hours-to-days that victims need to do the best they can to take care of themselves. Small enough to fit in a bugout bag, PACKED FULL of great information on evacuating you and your family calmly and safely!
In general, Disaster Relief is provided to keep you alive, not to completely make you and your property whole. These folks are often in close contact with each other after a disaster, and if you are known to be in need (mud in your house, debris in your yard, you’re disabled living in your damaged house) often volunteers are available to help out.
In disaster after disaster, predators delight in taking advantage of the chaos to separate you from your money. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product.
Next, you must realize that it is not the responsibility of any disaster responder to give anyone anything but help and service.
Our Premium 1-Person Search & Rescue Backpack Kit includes the items a person needs for disaster situations. Covering the Apocalypse and the Post-Apocalypse in movies & television, books, video games, news stories, products, prophecies, and fashion as well as, news on disaster preparedness and survivalism.
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We replaced the Dodge Xplorer with a $1,200 1982 Sunline travel-trailer we pulled with an old van. We knew a woman who moved to Texas a few years ago who lived in one of these small RVs because her preaching work had her moving from one place to another. Do you think a homeless person or couple are going to give a damn about opening the bed each night?
We upgraded to a 30 ft goose-neck when one of the other students left and went home, and we bought that one really reasonably as he did not want to take it home.

Motor Home insurance covers recreation vehicles that provide you with temporary living quarters and are permanently attached to a chassis or van. Travel trailer insurance and camper insurance provide coverage for nonmotorized, portable units designed to provide you with living quarters for recreational and camping use.
We enjoyed traveling in these small RVs and would have kept the Sunline had we not decided to spend months in FL in the winter - with 4 cats. The people I know and the people we camp with and snow bird with call them RVs because they're used mainly for RECREATION.
Police Officers and Firefighters go through months of training as emergency responders, and they do it day in and day out.
How do they determine what their priorities are in the midst of a major catastrophe? Governments, from federal to state to local all have limited budgets and do provide a level of emergency services  but it’s almost never enough to respond to a disaster. Even the relationships between cops and firefighters are not always positive: In 2014 in the San Diego area, a California Highway Patrol Officer arrested a firefighter because he would not move his fire engine from a freeway lane while responding to a traffic accident.
As time goes by, staffing improves and outside resources arrive to assist victims, and local authorities are able to get a handle on things. They are hurting or have suffered material losses, and they just want help, the sooner the better. It is only in the most severe disasters that financial grants are provided to victims; in the great majority of small and medium-sized disasters, only loans are available for residents and businesses.
For example, volunteer groups like Team Rubicon and Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief  travel to disaster areas at the invitation of locals to help victims clear their property and mitigate flood damage, free of charge. Include: electricians, roof repair, storage unit company (in case your home is uninhabitable and you must store your belongings somewhere), tree service, plumber, etc.
You can research risks in your area, build your home preparedness supplies, and get a good set of insurance coverage. It includes tools, lighting and personal protection equipment for one person to perform light search and rescue in a major disaster. Instead of having to buy a whole new kit, save money and purchase one of our Refresh Kits to bring your kit back up to date.
Scott Bradbury, author of The Post-Apocalyptic Primer and Wasteland Warlord 101, following all things apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, and calamitous- both serious and silly, as well as updates about his own writing, both silly and serious. So imagine during a disaster, adding together a bunch of others that normally don’t work together, like Public Works, the Red Cross, Animal Control, tow services, etc.

Time slows to a crawl…the normal events of the day like work and school shift to the back burner.
Keep this information in your Grab-n-Go Binder and on a thumb drive or stored in the Cloud via Dropbox or another online service. Keep aware of the weather, sign up for emergency alerts in your community and monitor the Twitter and Facebook posts of your local police and fire departments. The vast majority just thought they could clap their hands three times, say- so let it be said, so let it be done, the task would magicly take care of itself. Thinking realistically, you can use this device when you are out camping, or if you've been thrust into a disaster situation without any water storage. Personalities, egos, and previous relationships can affect how well these people work together. Attention to things like salvaging family pictures and putting tarps on the roof tend to isolate the victim from what is going on in the big picture.
If you are in need, and are not confined to a hospital bed, you need to get the word out to as many people as possible.
Sure, democ rats will do their best to sign up more voters, alter demographics, get more people on welfare rolls, etc.
Im very glad he is gone, I have it all to myself, and that my office can be left all night rather than taken down and put back up every day.
If you sit around waiting for someone else to take care of something that is your responsibility, you have lost the battle before you start.
Those that don’t have a clue, think they are god, screw up everything they touch, and blame it on someone else. Like the democ rats- think- chain the dog, command the dog who is chained, then chastise the dog for not performing.

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