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As every teacher ought to already know, feedback and formative assessment are the most powerful, most effective things you can be doing. As teachers we tend to be more concerned about whether we give feedback rather than whether students receive it. Product – this is the most common type of feedback offered in classrooms and is focussed on the task or outcome which students are working towards. As with anything, there are no magic formulas that will ensure that your wise words don’t fall on stoney ground.
Another useful post David – have just emailed LOs and why we need em to a few faculty heads to help with discussions. As I write I am thinking of parallels between this and feedback after lesson obs etc and how the same principles can apply. Praise for #PsychBook 11:18 am By David Didau My new book, co-written with the quite marvellous Nick Rose, has landed.
Lawmakers in Tennessee and Ohio are proposing plans that would cut textbook costs for college students. The new bill in Ohio calls for more electronic textbooks on campuses, provides more money for students who sell books back to book stores, and creates a program that allows schools to lower their retail prices by buying in bulk. The proposed law would guarantee that students receive at least 50 percent of the textbook price when they resell books to bookstores immediately after a class is finished. Keith McCann, director of the Cleveland State University book store, told the Plain Dealer that legislators should not be determining how much used books are worth. In Tennessee, meanwhile, Knoxville Republican Stacey Campfield has proposed legislation that has raised the ire of college educators: It bans textbook royalties to state college professors. Due to the varied components of Aspergers Syndrome evident in each individual, it can be a difficult disorder to diagnose.
If your child exhibits intense dislikes for certain situations or noises, this can be an indicator as is becoming upset by bright lights, crowds or unexpected events. Combinations of these factors which make social interaction difficult are usually a sign of Aspergers syndrome. The last time he did it, i leaned forward and stared back at him and said stop staring at me, and he didnt seem to understand, even though we had discussed it previously.
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No matter how many books you read or how many programs you join, being positive can only happen when you start the process from within. Staying in a positive frame of mind is not always possible if your negative thoughts and emotions constantly distract you. You can only become positive if you accept that facing problems is the natural order of things.

Here are a few interesting points I have gleaned about the effective use of feedback from Visible Learning for Teachers.
It’s about getting students to identify strategies they could use to spot their own mistakes and think about how they could approach their learning differently. If students are going to be able to effectively self assess themselves and become independent learners then it’s vital that our feedback encourages them to develop these skills. And for this to happen there has to be a culture in our classrooms which welcomes mistakes and sees errors as opportunities.We also need to be aware that feedback which seems to be critical can often be unwelcome. Each person exhibits a different combination of symptoms although when a certain amount are present, a professional can correctly determine whether they have Aspergers. These have been known to trigger tantrums or fits in children with Aspergers.  Changes in their regular routine can be a very upsetting experience for those with Aspergers, and may behave inappropriately to the smallest of changes at home or in school. These include a display of limited interest in other people and social events being more self-occupied and indifferent to the needs of others.  They may display a more eccentric personality and be excessively focused on unusual activities.
You have to be mentally prepared to turn your life around from wallowing in negative thoughts to brimming with positive energy. It is a natural tendency of the mind to dwell more on negative thoughts than on positive ones. In order to recognise their need we have either observe their learning or mark their books – neither of these things are guaranteed to be happening regularly in many classrooms. Look back through a set of beautifully marked books: how often is there evidence that the comments that teachers have lavished on students work has been anything other than ignored? That’s not to say that we should gloss over obvious mistakes, but we need to present our feedback in a way which affords students the chance to discover for themselves where they went wrong.
Have got a fantastic teacher here who has set up some excellent feedback in Drama by linking the feedback post performance to either the LOs (cropping up again – anyone would think they were important) or using thinking hats.
The fact that feedback has such a potentially huge impact and yet is rarely received by students means that it must be a focus for anyone who wants to ensure students are making progress.
What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Psychology is off to the printers tomorrow and should be available in the next few weeks. In this manner, they are also direct in vocalising their own thoughts, being unaware of the social standards or consequences of speaking their mind.
Those with Aspergers tend to require rigid routine and repetitiveness with lack of interest in games involving imagination and role-playing.
But this road is not easy as you will be at war with your own mind, trying to steer it away from negativity.
You are not the only one who is facing problems, so, look for solutions instead of getting depressed. You will surely learn a lot from these on how to conquer negative thoughts and succeed in life.

We absolutely have to design schemes of learning and lessons which allow student the opportunity to improve. I’ve been experimenting with dialogic questioning to get students to think about their work rather than simply accept or reject my appraisal of it. They find it more difficult to initiate conversations with their peers and have difficulty in listening or knowing when it is their turn to speak.Non verbal communication is another factor which is difficult to comprehend for those with Aspergers. Many people find it difficult to frame positive thoughts and actions when their life is passing through a difficult phase. Set goals and work towards achieving them and you will have a more positive outlook in life. Remember that you will find it hard to think positively and lead a positive life if you are constantly stressed out.
Students can give quite critical but very valid feedback in these terms without any concern over causing offence as the discussion is clearly around the work and wanting to improve it and not the individual.
Create a vision that has purpose and meaning and you will find yourself engulfed in positive energy. You can even carry a pocketbook with a collection of such quotes and carry it with you at all times so that you can read them at any time.
What else could you have done?” This also helps to move feedback away from the product and onto the process of learning. However, there are also people who find it hard to be positive when everything is going just fine. This takes some training and some time (see point 2.) A good starter activity is to get them to answer these questions before writing an agreed target for improvement on inside cover of their book. If you are one of them, then you should try in every way to cultivate a positive approach if you wish to succeed in life. So, even if some situations may arise to make you feel down, don’t fail to think positively. Signs of poor coordination become evident if they have difficulty in mastering bike-riding or completing complex puzzles, as is difficulty with hopping on one leg that children generally master quickly.
The following tips given below will help you to free your mind of negative thoughts and filling you with positivity.

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