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Many of us are stuck in a perspective that how we manage our time determines how effectively we lead or how effectively we live our lives.  Here’s what we’re missing. The Greek philosophers identified time in two aspects: Chronos (chronological or calendar time) and Kairos (the ever present “now”). Our focus on getting to the next meeting or the next task on our to-do list stops us from truly connecting with one another.
Our rush to get our activities accomplished generates stress within us, which leads to more stress around us. Often as we listen to others, we have our own internal dialogue or we’re impatiently waiting to speak. So, my goal for myself this holiday season is to stop managing time and start managing all the other qualities that will make me a better leader at work and at home. How about you? This article is very timely and appropriate as we are trying to reflect on 2013 and begin our new journey to 2014! Thank you for the great articles in 2013 and I look forward to reading your articles in 2014!
Monstera deliciosa is commonly grown in northern Australia as an ornamental creeper, and it is great in that role: the huge leaves are dramatic in their sculpted form and the whole plant will grow for many metres up a tree or along the ground.
The fruit takes a very long time, perhaps as long as a year, to mature and is ripe when the hexagonal plates fall off.
Monstera fruit on my now-standard chopping board – an almost-ripe whole fruit and ripe cut fruit with a few fallen scales. If you want to investigate further, the NSW Agriculture Agfacts brochure gives such a great summary of its growth, and how to treat the fruit, that I suggest you download their pdf. When I was a kid I had to sit and wait until dad had had too much, more than he wanted, before I could have any.
If you had trouble de-constructing it, you may have tried eating it a bit before it was ripe, because the scales fall off easily, as in my third photo, when the fruit is fully ripe.
I picked one before it was ripe, (almost ready to start to ripen)what is the best way to help it to ripen ? I believe* that the reason the brown paper bag is supposed to help fruit ripen is that ripening fruit gives off a gas that speeds up the process.
However, I found a use for the sheath that surrounds the fruit – I waited until it dried out, painted it with clear Esterpol and my wife puts potpourri or rose petals in it with a little fragrant oil. It sounds like the hood has opened, and then withered and dried in place around the immature fruit. I have a plant that is 20 years old, and has lots of fruit, but they gecome soggy before I can get close to hardest, and then collapse.
While my current green fruit are still attached to the tree, I am going to wrap the fruits individually with newspaper (like the chinese do with plums) plus a large ziplock bag (maybe one with just a ziplock bag so I can watch the ripening progress) and secure to the stem with a rubber band and maybe tie a stick to the stem to keep the fruit from falling off on the ground if I miss inspecting over a couple of days.
I’m in Melton Victoria on the top of a slight hill, the last 2 weeks weather have been quite mild for this time of the year and will be interesting to see how the fruit develop. I do nothing to my fruit salad plant but pick the fruit when they start to droop, going from being uprigt to near horizontal.
One thing to note about this fruit is that the black bits are crystals containing Oxalic Acid. For the record i have many plants on my property steming from two 40+ year old plants i divided.

We seem to have established that it takes a year to go from flower to fruit but not how long it takes for the plant to start flowering. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a Monstera Deliciosa plant and don’t seem to find it anywhere. I have a few plants in my backyard in Wollongong, there must be about 30-40 fruits at least on the big one, they grow in clusters of 5 or 6 by the looks of it. We don’t do a thing to it except mow over it when it encroaches on the lawn (it shoots up from the ground). Enviro news via FacebookThis dedicated Facebook page is my easy way of sharing environmental news from around the world.
I do.  So, as I looked at my bottomless to-do list and deadlines fast approaching, I wondered how I could better manage my time. Being present to what is going on right now with people (teammates, customers, or bosses) allows us to connect at a deeper level with their motivations.
Our stress is contagious.  The best decisions are made when we manage our stress levels in the present moment.
The ability to fully listen to the words and underlying emotions of an individual are compromised when our minds are racing because the clock is racing. Our perspective is our truth, not necessarily the “Truth” and often comes from past experience.  Are we present enough to look at the opportunities in the present moment to shift our perspective so better decisions can be made? That happens slowly, from the base of the fruit upwards, and the fruit may be eaten in stages for this reason.
A friend told us that local people used them in jellies so we tried that, too; it was pleasant enough and suggests that fruit segments would go well in fruit salad. No, but but I will keep on growing it as an ornamental and if I spot another ripe fruit I will pick it. This blog post is also right on target, describing when and why not to eat it as well as what it tastes like. I have never been quite sure about the fruit’s seasonality but I suspect both flowering and ripening occur in our wet season, with the fruit taking a whole year to develop.
But from what I remember I wrapped it in plastic to keep the fruit flies off and that helped it ripen quicker. The fruit I mentioned in February (see earlier comments) are still on the vine and still not ripe; my guess of a year between flowering and ripening looks pretty right. My guess (and that’s all it is) is that the plant would prefer warmer and drier conditions.
Never fertilised, other than when my mates were here drinking at a BBQ and looking for relief. This seemed to slow down this individual fruit from greening up as quickly as the others that had all flowered together. The fruits do take months to ripen – I’m still watching some of mine which formed last summer! These guys will grow from small lengths of stem so if you want more: a bit of stem (preferably with roots but not required) in a container of soil or water and you have a fairly bulletproof houseplant. My guess would be about three years, just going by new plants establishing themselves in my garden. I live in Sydney and would be willing to drive around town find a potted plant or even a cutting if someone is willing to part with a bit of their plant.

There are many things worthy of our time that in our “time-starved” perspective we feel we can never carve out time for. A different perspective to explore is to “carve-in” to our existing time the qualities of being that help us be more effective. The greatest creativity happens when there is an environment that is supportive rather than stressful.  It’s our job as leaders to create that environment. Studies also show that being fully focused on one task without a lot of mental commentary is what also contributes greatly to being happy. Or do we go around with our minds firmly made up in the interest of efficiency and expediency? The flower is impressively large and its similarity to arum lilies is very obvious once the relationship is considered.
Putting ripe fruit (usually bananas) in the bag as well is sometimes recommended and would make sense. A few years ago I noticed a black bird was eating something one day in the court yard and investigated, it smelt amazing and tasted good. Just keep an eye on the sheath, you can slightly dislodge the sheath away from the fruit without breaking off the living sheath.
I considered this will reduce the photosynthetic rate of that fruit, because the green in the fruits themselves indicates they have these properties (heads of wheat also do). It is best to try to avoid these black bits as the acid will attack the calcium in your bones, and i would hazard to guess this black crystal is what is causing the oral tingles.
We live just out of Kempsey mid north coast NSW, & have had our plant, now many plants, for many many years. I realized that our obsession with managing time has actually resulted in time managing us.  I realized that my perspective that I am time-starved is actually stopping me from being effective as a leader at work and at home.
Her corporate clients include Coca Cola, UPS, Novartis, J&J, and others who know female leadership talent is good for business. He had been through the depression and had done it tough, so food was precious to him, extra special, good tasting delicious food. The Monstera doesn’t have much soil to grow in because the middle of the courtyard is paved, it does have long tough tendril roots that will seek out and grow in minimal composting leaf litter. I would suggest to remove the old dead sheath to prevent causing damage to the fruit as the sheath shrinks before the flower has a chance green up if the soil isn’t moist enough very often (like hot days).
A bit of consumption is not a bad thing but long term and in excessive amounts may cause long run health problems. The person who gave her the fruit said that the bush doesn’t have any more fruit on it. They looked like a combination of large zuchinis with skin resembling an unripe pineapple but looked as if they were related to an unripe pine-cone. In trepidation, I tried eating the fruit (which was sweetish and softer than pineapple segments).

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