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Incompatible BrowserIt appears you are viewing this webpage in a browser we don’t support. Communication Skills for the Healthcare Professional is a comprehensive yet compact guide to learning essential communication skills that will prepare students for success as healthcare professionals. Overview - Mastering Career Skills: Communication Skills helps students understand how important communication skills are for thriving in the workplace. Learn how to present yourself with confidence with complete know-how in every aspect of the Interview process.
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Intended to supplement the clinical coursework students complete in the first one to two years of all allied health programs, the book uses a broad range of examples, role plays, and scenarios from virtually every healthcare field, enabling both instructors and students to use it as an essential resource for mastering any area-specific communication skill. By outlining techniques for conducting meetings and communicating effectively with coworkers, this book teaches students the skills they need to succeed in any career. Buy this guide which is a computer based self learning tool enabling you to master the interview preparation technique. To find out whether your browser supports JavaScript or to allow scripts, see the browser’s online help.
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Each chapter provides students with objective and short-answer questions to test comprehension of the material, as well as more complex clinical applications that encourage students to develop the critical thinking skills they will need every day as professionals in the healthcare industry.

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