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Written by the creators of WhoWhatWear, the Career Code takes you through a step by step guide of amazing career advice. If one wonders what it truly takes to be Parisian then How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits is where the secrets are kept. The beautiful Mathidle Thomas, co-founder of the all-natural skin-care line Caudalie, shares incredible secrets in her book The French Beauty Solution.
I really want to read the Career Code and How to be Parisian <3 Loving all of these recommendations!
I have been wanting to find some books to read that will inspire me to get back into blogging.
So many great options and I have not read any of them, thanks for the recommendations Chriselle! If you remember from my New Year’s Resolutions post for this year, one of my goals was to read at least one book a month.
From the perfect resume to how to ask for a raise and what to wear to work, this book is great for anyone in any industry!

Coddington will introduce to the readers the designers, hairstylists, makeup artists, photographers, models, and celebrities that contributed to the iconic images by Ms. Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, and Sophie Mas are four lovely French women that share their original take on what it really means to be Parisian.
Inside this book holds the French secrets to perfect skin, hair, and diet in the most natural way possible. I get the sign up for it every time I open a post, can’t shut it down and I’m already subscribed! The Career Code I love because it has practical advice for the career-driven girl, which I am and I love.
Though I haven’t kept up with it 100 percent, (whoops) I have been making a point to read more! Not only do I recommend for those of you starting off your career but also for those that are already established. What one wears, how they entertain, and what they do to have fun yet behave themselves are shared by these four ladies, but it does not stop there.

LovexStylexLife reads like the journal of a stunning, approachable woman – which Garance is.
So with so many amazing inspirational books out there, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 books every fashion girl should read! The book does not only reveal the duties of a Vogue Creative Director but what the inside of Coddington’s life looks like. Beauty, culture, attitude, and men are also some topics within this book that every girl should know about.
Her life journey is also included in this memoir consuming car wrecks, marriages, family tragedies, friendships, her friendship with Anna Wintour, and romance.

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