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Apart from air, water and food, communication is perhaps the most important thing for the humans to survive. In verbal communication, the person who is communicating can give his or her account in exactly the manner in which the person wants.
On the other hand, there is a greater need to express the views clearly in non-verbal communication and there is always a chance that the other person may still interpret the message in the incorrect manner. Non-verbal communication can be an aid in getting the message across in a clearer manner and can help in showing the emphasis on the matter at hand. This is the clearest form of communication which has instant results and provides with a best chance of noise free communication.
This is a diverse field and ranges from written communication to body language to sign language. Non-verbal communication can be extremely effective in most cases and the ideas can be very easily transferred to other people.
2.  Changes can be written on timetable in advance so they are not last minute changes then the ASD child can get use to the change in routine which will be less upsetting for them.

All our classrooms are equipped with timetables to enforce routines with children, whilst our building has visual signs and symbols to reinforce to children the purpose of a place and its function to help the child with their social interactions. Pay attention to your internal dialogue, and learn to notice when you allow negativity or doubt to control the course of your thinking. What follows are notes and quotations from Scott McCloud’s excellent book Understanding Comics. Most comics are along the bottom axis of the triangle (above), but there are examples of comics that fill the whole space. Different types of lines can have different emotional and sensational qualities: passive and timeless, proud, dynamic, severe, gentle, etc. Human beings are very social beings and need the support of each other to survive from the very start. On the other hand, sign language is used by people who are unable to speak or have hearing disabilities. I was purchasing an intimate birthday gift for my fiance when I saw an ad for a duct tape .

The book describes the art of comic books, but most of the lessons are also applicable to other types visual communication like charts and maps. If this sounds interesting to you I highly recommend reading the entirety of Understanding Comics. The methods in which a person communicates are divided into two types of communication, which are verbal and non-verbal communication. For example: videos are a rapid sequence of stills, or rich color photos that are a bunch of little dots (like newspaper prints or Roy Lichtenstein). Flat colors emphasize the shape of an object (Herge’s TinTin comics used all flat colors) to promote a democracy of form in which no shape is any more important than any other.

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