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05.12.2014 admin
I’ve been so busy since this year started, that I haven’t had the chance to watch a movie on the big screen yet. Big Books Tiny Voices, an awesome blog which I just discovered, listed 60 YA Books which are slated for  movie adaptations. But there are YA Books turned into Films which have already finished production, and which I am dying to see on the silver screen. Warm Bodies, based on the book by Isaac Marion, has been playing in theaters for the last few weeks, and is apparently a hoot to watch. I’ve been addicted to The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare since I started listening to the audiobooks. I’ve never read The Host by Stephanie Meyer, and World War Z by Max Brooks but the trailers look promising. Curious about Ender’s Game, just because people thought my CassaStar had a similar feel.
I haven’t read any of the above books but I am anxious to see Beautiful Creatures and World War Z. Studies have shown that some people are better in tune with their audiovisual senses than with reading.

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The trailer is spectacular, and the fact that both Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson are in the movie just adds loads more motivation for me to watch the film. I’m sure my kids will be excited to see Percy Jackson since they enjoyed the first installment.
It is so exciting, to look forward to all of these movies (or at least the potential of them)! Pamela Chrabieh argues that there is a link between our young generation’s attitude and reading (The Age of Neo-Illiteracy is a must read!).
Some people understand more if they see something rather than hear it, some people need to see images to maintain the information, etc. Hunger Games depended too much on shock value (which is fine, but sucked when I already knew who died and when). So, when I’m in my group of friends and we discuss movies, we talk about directors and not cast members. Because today, either one is a good start to try and get the young generation back on the right track.

So now the question becomes, is the young generation interested in the deeper things in life? Each director has his significant traits, special marks that identify him throughout the film. We have a bunch of movies that are released on a yearly basis, some are perfect for fun nights and some need us to think and decode the message they hold.
We care more than just about the actors; we care about the story, the plot and how everything plays out. We care about the background information, we care about where it goes, and we definitely care about what the point of the movie is. Some movies don’t have big budgets, some actors volunteer; some directors even have actors on a waiting list to be included in their work of art.

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