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The spinal cord, protected by several solid and liquid membranes, is the source of 31 pairs of spinal nerves; it connects them to the brain.
Bulge made up of nerve cell bodies forming a chain on both sides of the spinal cord; it mainly controls contraction of the visceral muscles. Thin and highly veined inner meninx directly covering the spinal cord and the roots of the spinal nerves.
Part of the central nervous system located in the spinal column; it receives and transmits nerve information and releases the reflexes. Nerve formed by the union of the sensory and motor roots; it communicates nerve messages between the spinal cord and the various parts of the organism. Each of three fibrous membranes surrounding and protecting the central nervous system (spinal cord, brain). Thick and resistant outer meninx fusing with the tissue covering the spinal nerves; it does not adhere directly to the bony vertebral wall.

Section of the spinal cord made up of nerve fibers (axons) and surrounding the gray matter. Each of the terminal parts of two masses of gray matter enclosing the cell bodies of motor neurons and from which the motor root originates. Each of the terminal parts of the two masses of gray matter enclosing the associative neurons through which the sensory root enters the spinal cord. Bulge of the posterior sensory root of the spinal nerve; it encloses the cell bodies of the neuron sensors.
Bundle of sensory nerve fibers (axons) communicating information from the periphery of the body to the spinal cord.
Bundle of motor nerve fibers (axons) communicating information from the spinal cord to the periphery of the body, especially the muscles. Kelly’s rectal speculum, commonly known as proctoscope has an outer sheath and a handle.

The proctoscope is used in the diagnosis of haemorrhoids, carcinoma of anal canal or rectum, perianal fistula internal openng and rectal polyp.The proctoscope may also be used therapeutically for injectiion of haemorrhoids, polypectomy and rectal biopsy.
The patient is aked to take a deeep breath and a proctoscope lubricated with 2% lignocaine is introduced into anal canal. The proctoscope is advancedforward and upward toward the umbilicus and then upward and backward towards the sacrum. Hemorrhoidal plexus of veins can be seen bulging with a blue hue from the walls of the rectal canal.

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