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The Outlier SeriesLeadership Professional Development Books John ShufeldtFree Segments of Ingredients of Outliers via Email! August 8, 2014 by John Shufeldt Leave a Comment Communication occurs in many ways and across endless mediums. I don’t mean to sound like my grandfather reminiscing about his 12-mile trek to school uphill both ways in the snow, (barefoot) but the breeding of good interpersonal communication is becoming a lost art across teens, Millennials, and even seasoned high ranking business professionals. In reality, communication begins before you utter your first word in an interview, before introducing yourself first date, and even before your opening line in a presentation. In this article we will highlight some of the do’s and don’ts of non-verbal communication and at the end we will unlock the key secret to effective communication. L (Lean): by leaning forward when a person is talking to you, it shows that you are involved and listening to what they have to say.
E (Eye Contact): Use good eye contact-having good eye contact shows that you are listening and not distracted. R (Relax): It is important to stay calm and avoid fidgeting when a person is talking to you to show you are focused.

Working, reading, texting, writing, watching TV while someone is trying to have a conversation.
Not making eye contact while speaking directly to others, or shaking their hand while not looking at them. And as promised, I will now share with you the secret behind effective communication, the key that will unlock the door to improving your personal and professional interactions for the rest of your life. Drumroll please………… the most important aspect of a successful communicator is the ability to step back and listen. With an Individual Membership, students can be more independent, study at home, and build a love for reading.  Follow the steps below to send prefilled Individual Membership forms to students and make it easy to sign up.
An email with be sent to the student with a link to complete their Individual Membership.  Want to view a demonstration? With technology allowing for rapidfire negotiations across oceans in an email, or silently in the same classroom via text messages, virtual and social media platforms, make written communication more convenient than ever. Non-verbal communication, or gestures and facial expressions, serve as the first impression you give to another individual or group and comprise 94% or more of our interpersonal communications.

When two people are unable to listen to each other often, what is taking place isn’t communication, but rather dueling monologues.
With all of the distraction and buzz of the tech realm, a lot of us are losing our effectiveness in the most traditional and personal form of communication; good old face-to-face human interaction.
His model is used today in clinical counseling and professional settings worldwide, and can be incredibly useful in any situation as a baseline for better listening.
In the traditional Native American culture, engaging in direct eye contact with a stranger can be interpreted as disrespectful, whereas not engaging in eye contact might make you seem uninterested in a social or professional interaction on Wall Street.
Even the casual bystander can plainly see that the one whose lips aren’t moving isn’t listening at all, but simply waiting for the speaker to take a breath before unloading their word ammunition. Egan’s theory depicts the most effective body language to employ to make others feel cared for.

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