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Google seems to have their hands in everything nowadays, and this makes many businesses very nervous. But of all their endeavors, there is one that is sure to go live in a relatively short amount of time. However, since Google can see what cars every dealer has, and show all dealer results to the person searching, price is going to be a huge factor.
This makes dealers themselves extremely nervous, since Google has never been concerned themselves with providing “content”, the reviews of certain dealerships as well as their specific selling points will not be known unless you search that out elsewhere.
Dealerships that were included in the Beta version of Google Cars notes that they indeed did see an increase in potential customers visiting their dealerships, and inquiries online and over the phone. Google makes the majority of their money off of advertising, and for Google Cars, dealers are going to want to tap into this advertising since it is simply so effective. Meanwhile, when that game is being played, for every person Google sends to a dealerships website, regardless of whether or not a sale was completed, Google will be paid anywhere from $10-$25 by the dealership for their “referral”.
Google has yet again changed the game up, and oddly it’s not even a game they were playing directly. The on-line games are complex and costly where by as printable games is rational being free.
While such cleaning products offer great convenience, they often come atfamilies across the nation have been searching for any way to scrape extra dollars off of their food budgets, and online printable grocery coupons can play a large role, especially for higher value and frequently consumed products such as , available for printing whenever you need them and as often as you need them. Printable crossword puzzles that are easy enough for kids and beginner level crossword puzzle enthusiasts. Printable crossword puzzles, create your own crossword puzzles, for students, use with theme units. For instance, there is Google Flights which does an excellent job of gathering all available and potential flights for the locations you have searched, being very similar to Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, and Kayak.

Google Cars is a service, similar to Google Flights, where you simply put in the make, model, and year of a car you hope to purchase, and Google will give you the results of all the dealerships within your vicinity where you can purchase said vehicle.
That being Google can scan every auto dealer’s website and see what vehicles are being offered and where.
It sort of cuts short a salesman’s approach  and sales pitch, since they will never have a chance to say a word to influence the buyers decision.
What this is likely to cause is a difficult climate for dealerships to compete with one another.
So as Google is known to do, it increased traffic, which as a result, can help to lead to an increase in sales. Those that don’t will not be able to compete, since a great portion of those who search online, use Google.
In the end, this is a cost the dealers are willing to pay since the customers Google sends their way are indeed serious, meaning the likelihood of a sale being completed is fairly high.
That just goes to show how influential the information they are able to gather and generate can be.
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There is Googles Autonomous vehicle program which is sure to make car manufacturers a little uneasy considering the tech giant is getting their hands dirty shaping the future of that industry. If all of a sudden, you can see the various prices for a specific vehicle, is it likely you are going to even consider purchasing a vehicle from a dealer where it is more expensive? People looking to buy a car will most likely view the first 3 or 4 that are the cheapest, and visit those dealerships.
Not to mention, before making any decision over a purchase, people tend to do their research first to make an informed decision.

In an online world, where everything we search, view, and listen to is recorded, if we are not looking to buy something, we’re being looked at for what we’ll buy in the future. However, even though those websites were trusted in the past to provide the same, if not, better information, as far as an authoritative voice for anything is concerned, Google is top dog. Dealers don’t have to worry about advertising as much, since Google would essentially take care of that.
Perhaps it would be if there were additional services being offered, but these will not be shown in the results. In the end what this will cause is for dealerships to essentially be forced to go into price wars. With that being said, you can imagine how if Google made it very easy for a person wanting to buy a car, find said car, it would behoove dealers to play the game with Google.
It is quite literally the perfect marketing strategy, and one Google is not failing to utilize.
If you live in Colorado, and are in need of a Brighton Transmission Repair, be sure to check out the AAMCO location nearest you! With all the information Google gathers on consumer behavior and trends, dealers won’t have to guess at what they should keep in stock since they can tell what people in their area are searching for. The results won’t mention how one dealership has great customer service, while another offers extended warranties or a free year of gas. But most services being offered by a dealership can be had elsewhere, thus eliminating the need to go through specific dealers for their specific “special” offerings.

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