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Our guides will teach you the skills necessary to survive the doomsday, the zombie apocalypse, or any other catastrophic situation. This is the largest collection of DOOMSDAY SURVIVAL books in THE WORLD with OVER 45 BOOKS !! Doomsday Survival is a collection of Military and Government created field manuals which focus on survival and personal protection.
Contained here are over 27,000 pages and illustrations preparing you to be able to survive if necessary.
All books are saved in a 'state of the art interface' allowing you to easily scroll through books and allowing the user to pick and choose books they would like to download and keep (ALL FREE) in order to save space on your device.
Each book can be easily serached using the built in page thumbnails or the in book search feature.

STOREBOUGHTMILK LLC is in no way responsible for the actions of anyone who purchases this app. ADVERTISE WITH US Give your apps a little extra promotion with the biggest independent iPhone Advertising Network. He used to be in the sas but after a parachuting accident was forced to stop, so he now works as a survival expert.
He has done many tv series on channel 4 and has recently also become the new chief scout in the uk.The book is partly about bear grylls' life but mainly a survival guide for many common surival situations.
By purchasing this app you are purchasing a platform that enhances its users ability to read the books and references listed above via internet download. There is NO purchase to download the books and all books and references included in this app are all available publicly and FREE online.

There are loads of great step by step guides on how to to different things like making a fire, building a shelter or purifying water. STOREBOUGHTMILK LLC does not own or claim to own the rights of any of these free public documents. The book is a handy size, it can easily fit in a large trouser pocket or rucksack and its clear layout makes it easy to read and folllow.It is a great book for anyone who often goes walking or camping, or simply for the great outdoor enthusiast.

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